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Target in bulk

Targeting is aiming your marketing at specific groups of customers for the betterment of your business. It results in a more effective and cost-saving perspective of doing business.

Meesho provides a wide variety of quality products for reselling. You need to target in bulk to sell effectively and make a profit while building your own brand.

Choose correct platforms:

Choosing the correct platforms to sell is crucial because it helps you aim at the suitable audience in large numbers. Social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are trusted by our expert resellers because on these, they can target a bigger audience and build a customer-base for themselves. Gradually they suggest going deeper into each of the platforms. Facebook Buy and Sell Groups, Instagram are very useful platforms where you can target in bulk and get leads.

Know your product:

Knowing what you are selling will help you in your reselling journey; so, it’s good if you have some expertise and knowledge regarding the products that you are planning to sell. Thorough research, and a good understanding of the app and the market trend are likely to help you in the long run.

Segmentation of customers:

You can target by creating certain segments as per your convenience. We have come to know that our expert resellers target using four basic segmentation patterns. 

  1. Demographic Segmentation: Age, gender, religion, marital status, education and more
  2. Geographical Segmentation: Area, locality, city, neighbourhood and more
  3. Psychographic Segmentation: Interest, lifestyle, personality and more
  4. Behavioral Segmentation: Purchasing and spending hours and habits

Study the segments meticulously to come up with a marketing plan of your own. Once you identify, target in bulk and expand your territory. Happy reselling!