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Everything you need to know about the Meesho Mentorship Programme

Meesho Mentorship Programme is a fourteen-day educational programme to help new resellers grow their business and achieve their first order. A WhatsApp group is created with new resellers and they are trained by experts. The training session consists of planned activities and a certification session after finishing the course. 


This training programme has a set of planned activities throughout its tenure. These activities prepare the beginners to build a successful reselling career ahead. Some of the activities are:

  • Explaining the guidelines of the programme
  • Explaining Community guidelines
  • Creating the WhatsApp group and naming the Business page
  • Sharing catalogs from Meesho app
  • Creating WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Placing the first order
  • Community sign-up
  • Creating Facebook Page and sharing products on the page
  • Joining online selling groups
  • Creating Instagram shop and posting there
  • Motivational videos 
  • Certification at the end of the programme

Incentives of Mentoring:

Our expert resellers help us with mentoring new resellers. They are given incentives for being part of this educational programme. They are paid as per the activation percentage. There are certain slabs to calculate incentives of mentoring.

Meesho Mentorship Program is a very useful program for new resellers. Just like Meesho Community, experts help beginners to achieve and create their own online business with Meesho. Go ahead, make the best of this program and become a certified Meesho entrepreneur. Happy reselling!