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How to sell? (for experienced resellers)

Meesho supports its entrepreneurs in every step of their reselling journeys. Our expert resellers follow some rules to improve and expand with time. Let’s watch our expert reseller Sunehri Khurana sharing her inspiring journey with Meesho. 

For experienced resellers:

  1. Now that you have got a number of trusted customers, it’s important that you retain them and make them come back to you for more. 
  2. Create offers and giveaways. You can also create referral discounts to broaden your customer base. 
  3. Explore upselling. Create attractive combos of products that go well together.
  4. Go live from your page or group. Interaction with your customer can do wonders. 
  5. Create ads and promotion. Engage influencers. 
  6. Use Business features of apps like WhatsApp and Instagram intelligently.
  7. Make your logo and business card using the Meesho Logo Generator feature.
  8. Moreover, build your own brand. 

Meesho gives you the identity, the emancipation that you need to succeed in life. Be patient and keep exploring. Go ahead and make it big. Happy reselling!