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How to sell (for beginners)

Meesho supports its entrepreneurs in every step of their reselling journeys. Every journey, every story is different. Therefore, we prefer that you follow some basic rules while starting and furthermore, while expanding. Let’s start.

Know the app:

  1. To become a successful reseller, it is important that you know the app in and out. Go through the For You section and all the category landing pages to explore the huge variety of products. 
  2. Go to the Help section and watch the tutorial videos to understand how to sell efficiently.
  3. Add your banking details to start earning.
  4. Generate your logo and business card.
  5. Join Meesho Community to meet resellers throughout India. Share and learn. 

Start selling :

  1. Set up your online selling platforms. Create your Facebook Page and start sharing catalogs through WhatsApp.
  2. As a beginner, we suggest that you start with your friends and family. They are likely to encourage your business when you need it the most.
  3. Set low margin at the beginning. 
  4. Expand your customer base with social media platforms. 
  5. Be patient and observant. 
  6. Follow market trends meticulously.
  7. Make the best use of App features and notifications. Explore all the categories and then decide what to sell.
  8. Build a bond of trust with your customers. 
  9. Always send a thank you note to your customers.
  10. Ask for reviews.

Follow these simple steps to build a successful reselling career. Happy reselling!