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Chat vs Call

Customer experience is the key to any business’s success! However, it’s up to you to decide what communication channels you use to deliver it. A phone call and a chat will both deliver good results once you learn when to use. While chat offers a host of benefits, a phone call offers a level of personalization many desire. You must find the best balance between these two channels, to use them effectively. 

Benefits of Chat:

Chat is a newer technology that consumers are getting familiar with day-by-day. You can use this as your primary channel for reselling, since customers have a deep appreciation for their time and don’t want to waste it. Let us see how this chat support can benefit you.

  • You can share images or catalogues of the products with your customers and get their opinions on them.
  • You can nudge a customer towards making a purchase, especially if they are pondering to buy but have some questions to ask. 
  • You can answer their queries in real-time and get the orders rolling into your hands.
  • You can reach out to customers, instead of waiting for them to come to you.
  • You can provide a quick resolution to the simple questions from your customers.
  • You can handle multiple chats and answer more than one customer query at a time.
  • You can assist your customers at all times for product, related queries, irrespective of the location.

Overall, you can provide a proactive and positive experience to your customers, given that you are available in real-time. But, it definitely has its own drawbacks as it lacks the fluidity of a spoken word.

Benefits of a Phone Call:

Calling is a good old-fashioned, yet powerful way to reach out to your customers. Let us see how it is useful in building trust with your customers.

  • You can establish a personal connection with your customers, as they feel the emotion and inflexion you carry in your voice.
  • You can handle multiple complicated questions at a time when compared to chat.
  • You can identify your customer's intentions for buying the product by interpreting the tone.
  • You can get detailed feedback on your products by calling your customers after the delivery.
  • You can make your customers feel valued and prioritized by calling them.
  • You can establish effective communication under important circumstances.

On the whole, a phone call will carry a strong personalized message compared to chat. However, you cannot use this as a primary channel for communication due to its lack of multi-media engagement support.

No matter what method of communication you use, ensure that it delivers good customer experience. So, the wise thing to do would be to choose the medium that is convenient for your customers. 

Happy reselling!