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How to resell 1mg doctor consultation package?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! We know how difficult it has been for you to run the business during this Corona lockdown and we understand how it is affecting your personal and professional lives. To help you with that, Meesho brings you the opportunity to get your business up and running by introducing online health shop packages. You and your customers can avail these online health packages at discounted prices, compared to any other app, and consult qualified, experienced and trusted doctors without even stepping out of the house. One such health shop package is a 1mg doctor consultation package. 

What exactly is the 1mg doctor consultation package and how is it beneficial?

You might have used a 1mg app or browsed through its website previously to know the medicine details, but the same app offers you a doctor consultation, so that you can get help with all your medical enquires online from trusted doctors. You will receive a 1-month unlimited premium doctor consultation, which means you can talk to certified doctors regarding your medical concerns at any time during that month. This is often not the case with regular doctors, because you are likely to pay a consultation fee for each session with a doctor in in-hospital treatments.

Where to find the 1mg doctor consultation package?

1mg health package is accessible under the Meesho Health Shop banner on the Meesho app. Scroll down through the catalogs until you find 1mg and share the package catalogs with your customers and inform them how to use the package.

How can your customers use this package?

To activate the 1mg doctor consultation package, one must install the app and put the promo code received on their mobile number. Let’s look into this step-by-step to avoid any sort of trouble.

  1. Download the 1mg app from the Google play store and open it.
  2. Enter your mobile number and click on Continue to sign-up.
  3. Enter the one-time password received on your mobile through SMS and click Done.
  4. Allow 1mg to access your location and confirm that you are not a healthcare professional.
  5. Click on Ask the Doctor from the home page.
  6. Click on Start a New Conversation.
  7. Enter or choose all the information asked by 1mg Health Assistant in the chat, like whether the package is for you or someone else, age, the speciality of the doctor, details of the symptoms and pre-existing conditions.
  8. Click on Continue after giving your detailed inputs. You will be redirected to the Payment page.
  9. Here, you don’t have to pay anything and the amount will be displayed as zero.
  10. Place the order successfully.

You will find all these details in one of the catalog images. The only thing you must remember while buying this package on behalf of your customer is to provide your customer’s mobile number at the checkout on Meesho app. Only with that number, the 1mg doctor consultation can be activated.

Tips for Reselling 1mg Doctor Consultation Packages:

  • Inform your customers that in a situation of lockdown, it is not ideal to get out of the house for doctor consultation and these online consultations are safe with 24*7 availability of certified doctors, across various specialities.
  • Let your customers know that these online consultations are extremely secure and confidential so that they can ask any sort of medical questions to the doctor.
  • Highlight the hospitals and degrees of the doctors from the 1mg app to earn your customer’s trust, if necessary. 

What else does 1mg provide?

1mg also provides medicines and lab tests for its users, but remember that these are not a part of the doctor consultation package. You can buy them separately from the app itself and you can get to know the lab tests available in your area, by turning on the GPS of your mobile device.

Share this 1mg doctor consultation package with your customers and let them know that you care even during these unusual lockdown times. These packages are a great way to reunite with your customers and to create a long-lasting bond with them. Hurry up and share them immediately and utilize this lockdown opportunity to earn some money. Stay safe and stay happy, Meesho entrepreneurs!