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How can Facebook help?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Facebook is highly recommended by our expert resellers. It is an effective reselling platform to build and expand your online shop. Facebook offers a number of features that can help you achieve more orders and attract new customers.  With Facebook, you can set up your online shop completely free of cost and start getting customers. Let’s learn how different features can help us. 

  • Facebook Wall: Your Facebook Wall is the page you see when you log into Facebook. You can start selling to your existing contacts, friends and family here.
  • Facebook Page: This page will be your Facebook shop and should have your business name, logo, location, and all details about your business. Make sure you create an attractive name and mention all policies clearly on your page - like Cash on Delivery and Free Returns. Sharing all details creates trust with customers who have never shopped with you before. 
  • Facebook Group: If you want to find new customers to grow your business, you can start selling products on the many buy and sell groups on Facebook. Facebook groups are a great place to sell a variety of products to a lot of trustworthy customers.  
  • Facebook Marketplace: You can get customers and orders from different locations with the Marketplace feature. 
  • Facebook Ads and Promotions: Facebook ads and promotions are great to reach new audiences with little investment.These are easily accessible through self-service interface and the result is great. 


Go ahead and make the best use of these features and grow more. Happy reselling!