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What to sell?

To become a successful reseller, it is very important to know what you want to sell. It may be fashion, lifestyle or handicraft. It will be really helpful if you have a comprehensive knowledge of that product. You will find a variety of products to sell. Online reselling business allows you to sell almost everything. As you grow as a businessperson, you can expand by upselling, that is, by persuading a customer to buy something additional or more expensive.

Understand the market:

Social reselling is all about understanding the right market trends and requirements. A combination of general knowledge and intelligent research might be a key. You can get to know about latest trends by following news and information media, including social media, entertainment platforms and more. You can analyse using tools like Google Trends. Once you successfully identify the trends, start planning on what you are willing to sell.

Choose quality products:

To get and retain customers, it is absolutely necessary to sell quality products. Your product must be useful, interesting and of good quality. So, get your products from a supplier with good records.

Find the best products from Meesho:

  • Meesho brings thousands and thousands of quality products of various niches for reselling. The products come from high-quality suppliers and undergo strict quality checks. 
  • In the ‘For You’ section of the Meesho app, you will get to see curated catalogs with higher ratings. Meesho lets you know about ongoing offers or trends via banners and notifications.
  • Scroll through category landing pages to get an overall idea of products and then decide what to sell.
  • Study catalog and supplier ratings and reviews to understand the quality and delivery details. 

Upselling using Meesho:

  • With Meesho, you can sell various products and increase your customer-base. For example, if you sell clothing, then you can create exciting combos of apparel and matching accessories like jewellery, bags, shoes and more. 
  • Create seasonal offers from the huge variety of products from Meesho. For example, during Diwali, you can create combos of festive ethnic wear and festive home decor.

Meesho helps you become a successful entrepreneur by providing quality products at wholesale rate throughout the country. Make the best use of all the benefits and fulfill your dreams. Happy reselling!