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When to use Facebook ads?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Facebook ads are great to reach new audiences with little investment.These are easily accessible through self-service interface and the result is great. It makes it easier for you to get high-intent customers beyond your known territory. Facebook ads are very useful to promote your business and selling at once.

 Facebook ads are not expensive at all. They are very simple to create and manage. Our top resellers recommend investing on Facebook ads for advancement of business.

Types of Facebook Ads: Our top resellers recommend using the two basic types of ads to get likes for the page or to enhance the sales. One is Page Promotion and the other is Post Boosts. Page Promotions are mostly like page ads or link click ads, which are good for the organic growth of your business. On the other hand, Post Boosts are great to target sales or offers on particular products. 


  • The key is to be patient and observe the trends based on age and interest. Rely on your gut feeling and general knowledge, and do the research. Decide for yourself and then invest. 
  • Facebook lets you decide how much you want to spend on these ads. So you can start with a small amount to test it out. Experiment with region, audience and do the customisation and go on with what works best for you. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the results put in more amount to get better results. Be methodical and patient. 
  • Run both kinds of ads to get an instant hike in sales and also to get some organic growth. With both, you will see a noticeable upliftment in your business. 

Go ahead and make the best use of these features and grow your business. Happy reselling!