How to use ‘Facebook Marketplace’ for reselling?
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How to use ‘Facebook Marketplace’ for reselling?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Facebook Marketplace is an online business platform which is currently emerging as a very significant digital marketing destination. A lot of our top resellers choose Facebook Marketplace because it makes buying and selling in a particular area a lot easier. 

How to use Marketplace?

  1. To start selling on Facebook Marketplace, search and select the right product to share. Tap on the ‘Download Images’ button. This downloads all the catalog images and copies the product description to the clipboard. 
  2. Open the Facebook app and open Facebook Marketplace. 
  3. Tap on ‘Sell’. Then, tap on ‘Items’.
  4. Here, select all the downloaded catalog images from the gallery and tap on ‘Next’.
  5. Add an exciting title for the products and enter details like price, category, location etc. Paste the copied description.
  6. Add relevant tags to help your customers find your products. Select ‘Offer Shipping’ to mention that you offer free shipping. 
  7. Tap on ‘Next’ to publish the products directly to Marketplace or you can also choose to publish the products in buy and sell groups in your preferred area. Select the right groups and then, tap on ‘Publish’. 
  8. You can see your listing has been published successfully. Now you get an idea of how your post is going to appear to your customers.
  9. If you want your customers to contact you directly on WhatsApp, tap on ‘Add Number’ and enter your WhatsApp number. Once you receive an OTP, enter that and tap on ‘Confirm’.  


  • Do not share more than once daily. Otherwise, Facebook may categorise your posts as Spam and you can get blocked. 
  • Give your WhatsApp number to your customers in Marketplace. This is how selling on Marketplace allows you to expand your customer base. 
  • According to our top resellers, your sales depend on the number of your followers. You can ask any potential customers to follow your marketplace profile for further business. The more followers you get, your posts rise higher in the marketplace page. 
  • You can change your location after you build a proper customer base somewhere. Choose a new location for expanding your business. 
  • Since your customers are mostly unknown to you, you need to build up a bond of trust with them. To do that, you can share your contact details. 
  • You can join groups in Marketplace for buying and selling to a trusted base of customers. 
  • In Marketplace, resellers can choose the location for viewing their products. Go to Google Trends to research and analyze the trends of a particular region. Then you can post accordingly to boost your sales. 

Go ahead and make the best use of this feature and grow your business.

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