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Why use Facebook Paid Groups for reselling?

Paid Facebook groups are recommended by some of our top resellers as they have high-quality buyers and less competition. Here, you can sell in a focused manner based on product category, location, age, gender, interests and trends. 

E. g. If you sell jewellery, get enlisted in a jewellery group and sell after selecting the right product from Meesho,by trend, offer and most importantly, customer’s interest. You can find specific groups for mothers, baby care. Join groups and sell accordingly.

Why use paid groups?

  • In paid groups, there is less competition than the non-paid ones and marketplace. Only a few resellers join these groups because there is payment involved. 
  • You invest a little amount to join the group and you are likely to get orders from there and you can build a customer base as well.
  • So, paid groups are extremely helpful for beginners who have practically no customer base. They build their own while selling to genuine customers here.
  • It is great if you have your own page and set of customers. But if you don’t have enough or they are not buying anymore, paid groups are great to increase the audience. 
  • It is the responsibility of the admin to gather customers. You can focus on gathering good products and identify selling techniques while they create a perfect audience for you to sell. 
  • In paid groups, high trust already exists , so you don’t need to worry. Customers can trust the resellers because it’s a paid group and admins verify the authenticity of the resellers and the quality of the products they intend to sell. Group IDs are given to the resellers after the formalities to put that while posting stuff there. 
  • Since most of these groups were free earlier, they became paid when They check fraud and take action ensuring that the group has high-quality and high intent customers. they got a lot of customers. That is why these paid groups tend to have a high number of customers. 
  • Admins add the customers also. They moderate if there is any issue. 
  • Please note that you can create a limited number of posts in a paid group. It means that your post doesn’t get lost in a long queue of posts and gets the attention and engagement it deserves. 
  • For all the reasons mentioned above, a reseller must invest in these paid groups. They save your precious time. You don't need to post in a large number groups because posting only on these assures you some orders.
  • Also, once you build a rapport you can add them to your personal Facebook and WhatsApp group for future business.  

Go ahead and make the best use of Paid Facebook Groups. Happy reselling!