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Generate Leads (Non-paid Ways)

As per marketing terms, you generate a lead when there is initiation of customer interest. With Meesho, you can get leads and then turn them into customers. Getting leads is one of the primary concerns both while starting and expanding. Let’s look at how to get leads without spending money.


  • Start with friends and family.
  • Share high-rated quality catalogs from the Meesho app.
  • After delivery, ask them to recommend you to their friends and family. This is how you expand your territory.
  • Share the invite link of your WhatsApp group while posting in other marketing platforms. Once they join, start with a welcome message. 
  • Use WhatsApp Business to avail additional business features like Away message, Greeting message and Quick replies. It gives your business a professional look that is instrumental in getting more leads.


  • Your Facebook page must have all your details and an exciting logo. It is your online shop. It must look professional to your potential customers.
  • Ask your customers to share their feedback after delivery.
  • Ask them to share your page on their timeline and recommend you. 
  • Join groups to get genuine buyers.
  • Create a Marketplace account and change locations to get new customers nationwide.


  • Ask your customers to put their feedback and your shop link in their stories.
  • Create stories to get a big audience.
  • Hashtags are useful non-paid ways to get leads on Instagram. Put location names in hashtags to get customers from different locations. 

These are some tricks you should follow to get new leads on different marketing platforms. You can also make connections in person to get customers. For example, wear some good apparel from Meesho and attend social gatherings. When someone asks, hand out your online shop details. This is how you gradually get leads. Happy reselling!