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Where to sell?

Getting customers and retaining them are two most crucial parts of running a business. Selling in the right platforms can help us retain customers. In the case of online reselling, social media business platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp give us an opportunity to build a strong customer-base and further, to expand it. It allows us to get customers beyond our known territory. Now comes the part where it’s up to us how we retain them. Let’s find out where we need to sell.


  1. Facebook - Profile, Page, Groups, Marketplace, Ads, Live, Promotions and more
  2. WhatsApp - Account, Status, Broadcast, Business App feature and so on
  3. Instagram - Account , Business account, DM (direct message), Stories, Ads, IGTV, Influencer Engagements 
  4. More online business portals
  5. Engaging more resellers to work with 

Selling with Meesho: 

Meesho helps resellers to sell the products in different social media platforms directly from the app. Starting with friends and family, they expand their customer-base. Our resellers build a bond of trust with their customers by providing a great buying experience.

While starting their reselling journey, resellers generally sell using WhatsApp (Messages, Status , Broadcast ) , Facebook ( Profile, Page) and Instagram. The user-friendly interface of these apps eases out the beginning of their reselling experience. 

Advanced selling :

As our resellers go deeper into the business, they explore new ways to get potential customers. Facebook Marketplace, Paid Groups, WhatsApp Business and Instagram Stories are some of those tools which will help you get high-intent customers. Creating ads in Facebook and Instagram also helps a lot. 

This is how our expert resellers built an empire of their own. Knowing where to sell helps a lot. Go ahead and make it big. Happy reselling!