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How to target customers?

Given the current state of the online market, having a well-defined target audience is more important than ever. Defining your target audience will lay a strong foundation for any new marketing plan. The more clearly you define your target group, the better you can understand how and where to reach your best prospects. It’s all about narrowing your focus while expanding your reach. This might not be an easy task, however, the time you spent to target customers will yield you good profits in this reselling business.

How to identify your target group?

  • Explore your Current Customer Base: Start with your own existing customer base. Identify who is purchasing your products more: This will reveal what type of people might buy your products in the future. Understand the defining characteristics of your existing customer base such as age, ethnic background, stage of life etc.
  • Analyse your Product: Dig a bit deeper into the product you are reselling and list out its benefits. Once you figure out the benefits, it will be easier for you to understand for whom these benefits might be useful.
  • Consider Personal Characteristics: Understand your audience’s behaviour on social media sites for the product posts you have shared. Know their attitudes, values, interests and lifestyles through their profiles. This is a time-consuming task but in the end, you will be able to make a list of defined prospects.

How to reach your prospects?

Once you’ve come to the conclusion on who your target audiences are, the next step would be for you to reach them. You’ll need to decide which social channels you should use to reach your demographic audience. Facebook has a wider demographic compared to any other social media network. While Instagram’s most active users are in the 18 to 29 year old demographic. Whatsapp also has a wide range of audience; Furthermore, it will provide a more personalized experience to your customers. 

The success of your posts actually depends on who is going to see your content and how relevant the content is to them. So, take a smart decision when choosing the right platform to target the audiences and get more customers using the products from Meesho.