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What to Research?

Research can be the perfect solution if you wish to take your reselling business to another level. In fact, our top resellers use this research technique on a daily basis to achieve beyond their expectations. Let’s take a peek into what kind of research they carry to promote their businesses.

Why invest your time in research?

Proper research will help you spot the latest market trends. It will strengthen your perspective on the products you are sharing with your customers. It will minimize the risk of choosing flawed items while reselling. You will be able to know your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths. Most importantly, researching the market trends and exploring the Meesho app features will help expand your online shop.

What exactly you must research?

  • You can start by identifying the most ordered, most shared and highest rated products on the Meesho app. Understand why these products are getting more attention compared to others.
  • Go to the ‘For You’ and ‘Collections’ tab on your Meesho app and explore the range of products.
  • Know more about the products you are interested in reselling, like quality and size.
  • Find out what type of reselling methods our top resellers are using.
  • Explore the reselling features on the Meesho app as they are proven to be efficient.
  • Research our policies related to customers and resellers such as cancellation, VIP Programme, etc.
  • Gather information on all the social networking platforms used by Meesho resellers such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.
  • Read the comments of similar other products posted by customers on the Facebook group and Instagram.
  • Choose appropriate words to your product description before reselling, like hashtags on Instagram. 

We have plenty of amazing videos in the ‘Help’ section of our Meesho app to kick-start your reselling journey. Check out the videos and learn smart selling tips from our expert resellers to earn more with Meesho!