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Meesho helps you know what to to share through daily ‘Notifications’. These ensure you never miss a high-selling collection or an important offer.

All about Meesho notifications:

  • Meesho sends you daily ‘Notifications’ that tell you about - new collections, new trends, offers, deals and more. 
  • Through ‘Notifications’, Meesho also tells you about high-rated and high-selling catalogs, that you can confidently share with your customers. 
  • These collections are shared in the For You section, but ‘Notifications’ make sure that you do not miss them.
  • If you share catalogs that are sent to you via ‘Notifications’, the chances of getting an order increase. 

Turn on ‘Notifications’: So turn on your ‘Notifications’ by going to the ‘Account Section’, tap on ‘Notifications’ and select the category of ‘Notifications’ you would like to receive.


Therefore it is important that you enable ‘Notifications’ and go through those to be aware of the latest trends, offers, deals, sales and more. Sell more efficiently with this feature. Happy reselling!