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Who can help you?

Meesho helps you start and grow your business. We take pride in supporting our resellers throughout their journey.There are three ways to get help; first is the ‘Help’ section in our app, second is our customer support and the final one is ‘Meesho Community’.

‘Help’ Section:

  • In the Meesho app, you can find a ‘Help’ section dedicated to help resolve all the problems that our resellers face. 
  • Whenever you face any issues regarding delivery, payment, catalog quality, policy declarations or anything else, the ‘Help’ section is always there to stand by you.
  • There are educational videos, articles, blogs, FAQs to help you out whenever you face a problem.

Customer Support:

  • You can also contact us directly for help. There are two ways to contact us:
  • By calling us at our customer support number - that is 080 61799600
  • These contacts are also available in the Contact Us tab of the Help Section.

Meesho Community:

  • Meesho Community is a great platform to connect with thousands and thousands of resellers for growing and expanding your business. 
  • Meesho Community has helped many to achieve what they aimed for. This is the best place to learn from expert resellers how to grow your business, find and manage customers and deal with specific situations in your business.
  • Please don’t post questions related to order, payment or delivery here. For that you should always contact our customer support, because they are in the best position to help. Other resellers in Community may not be able to help here. 
  • On Community, you can create discussions and get helpful answers from expert resellers who are always ready to stand by you. 
  • And Don’t forget to give back. Do share your learnings and experiences with your fellow resellers.
  • On Community you will see a number of discussions falling under different categories where resellers share their problems and queries and get help from other resellers. There are also fun games and activities going on which help you make friends and earn recognition from your peers. 

Go ahead and make the best use of all these helping hands to grow your business. Happy reselling!