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What are the 'Collections'?

In the ‘Collections’ feed, you can find catalogs divided into categories to help you share fast and effectively. This is incorporated to identify latest trends and to show you the best product catalogs. 

What’s there?

  • In the category landing pages, the product catalogs are divided into categories for your convenience. To build your brand, you must post best catalogs of items which are trending and in demand. You can find category landing pages in ‘Collections’ feed. 
  • Example: If you wish to sell earrings, go to Collections > Jewellery > Earrings and then look for different types of earrings. 
  • This makes your reselling experience hassle-free.
  • These are introduced to help you go deeper into a particular category. This is why you find 70-80 catalogs of the same type or pattern or style products clubbed in categories. 
  • Besides these prominent features, you can also land on many trending banners like ‘Best Sellers Yesterday’, ‘Festive Collection’, ‘Top Brands’, ‘New Arrival’, ‘Seasonal Trends’, ‘Fabric Trends’, ‘Design Trends’, ‘Pattern Trends’, ‘Occasion Trends’ etc in the ‘Collections’ feed.
  • New banners are introduced everyday to help you get the most trending product. Making best use of banners can result in getting excellent reaction from your customers. 

Moreover, ‘Collections’ feed is the most helpful place on the app to go deeper into any particular product category. Take your time and explore as per your interest and expertise. Happy reselling!