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How to sell protective masks?

The world we live in possesses a lot of health risks, particularly from the infectious diseases crawling in our neighbourhood. The outbreak of Coronavirus 2019-20 has proved us that it is high time to take precautionary measures without any negligence. 

Contagious or not, wearing protective masks around people who are infected will keep you safe. Moreover, wearing it will significantly reduce the risk of touching your nose and mouth, thus stunting the transmission of the infections through droplets. Besides, there is no harm in carrying the mask with you all the time to avoid germ transfer. Meesho has a variety of masks at discounted prices to help you fight these disease-causing germs.

As a strategy to resell the protective masks, you can get in touch with your customers at this instance and remind them the importance of wearing a protective face mask at this peak time and share the product catalogs with them to receive a handful of orders. Now, let us find out how to find these items on Meesho!

Where to find the protective masks?

Open your Meesho app, type ‘Medical masks’ in the search bar from the top and hit the search button. You will see a lot of options from which you can download and share with your customers. Or else, you can just directly click on the ‘Coronavirus’ banner on the 'For You' section of Meesho app and download the catalogs to share with your customers.

If you are reluctant about the quality, then share the catalogs with ‘M-trusted’ tag on them with your customers. This will increase your chances of closing a sale and getting positive feedback from your customers. Another way to resell the protective masks is, to find a combo of hand sanitizers and gloves that comes along with it and sharing it with the customers. This will give you the added benefit, to which your customers cannot say no.

As the old saying goes 'It is better to be prepared than to be sorry'! With infectious germs rapidly spreading everywhere, it is now the appropriate time for you to share these catalogs of protective masks with your customers and encourage them to purchase and wear these masks as a preventive measure. So, go ahead and show them you care by spreading wellness to your loyal customer base right now. Stay safe, Meesho entrepreneurs!