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What if the customer tries to trick you?

In today’s reality, every business has to deal with its fair share of sneaky and dishonest customers. Even, you might have come across such customers who wronged you by lying to get their way like, receiving the product and still lying about the delivery or intentionally damaging the product for a refund, etc. Let’s see how you can put an end to customers who manipulate their way to getting things at the expense of your business.

Tips for Handling Dishonest Customers:

  • Give your customers the benefit of the doubt, which means double-check to ensure there are no misunderstandings, before accusing your customers of something.
  • Point out the lie by showing the evidence of dishonesty.
  • Confront your customer that it would be of interest to both of you if they can provide clarification.
  • Remain professional and open-minded while dealing with deceiving customers.
  • Maintain your poise throughout the conversation and try to resolve the issue cordially.
  • Watch for the signs of guilt or remorse, if the customer opens up about the dishonesty and based on that, give a second chance.
  • Assure your customers that it is totally understandable, in case of an honest mistake.
  • Pause and evaluate your relationship with the customer before taking any action.
  • End the relationship, if the customer tried to cheat you multiple times.

It is important in all of these steps that you do not become aggressive or hostile when the customer tricks you. It does not end well. There is always a bright side to any experience. You just have to keep an open mind to learn something from all the experiences. Have a safe reselling!