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When to sell?

It is important to choose the correct time to sell efficiently. Sending product pictures at the wrong time is unprofessional and you might end up losing business. Our expert resellers recommend that you share pictures with customers when it is convenient for them to relax and shop. 

What’s the right time?

  • Expert Meesho resellers choose to sell after 7PM or 8PM. It is the time when people are done with the day’s work and they spend some time for themselves. 
  • If you have a consistent customer, you can also ask for a time when it’s convenient for them to go through pictures.
  • If you sell through Facebook Lives, share your timings with your customers beforehand, so that they can be available at that time.
  • WhatsApp Status is a friendly option which is trusted by many of our resellers. They use this feature to let their customers know about daily offers and deals, without messaging them personally. 
  • During festive seasons or holidays, you can choose a convenient time of the day and create giveaways and lives to attract more customers without disturbing them.
  • When the product is shipped, keep your customers updated and share tracking details.
  • Don’t forget to send thank you notes!

Keep these things in mind and give your customers a great shopping experience. Happy reselling!