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How to help the customer choose a product?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! Customers are the most important part of your reselling journey. In order to retain the customers, you should offer assistance throughout the buying process and be available anytime they require your help. From sharing the right product with the right customer to receiving feedback from them, a reseller should keep following up and assisting the customer.

  • It is crucial that you understand each customer’s choice.
  • Ask the right questions to identify what they need.
  • Go into specifics. Ask for occasion, size, colour, style, type of work and any other preference.
  • Ask for their comfortable price range.
  • Let them know if there is any special offer or discount going on.
  • Tell them that you offer special discounts on combos. Create personalised combos for every customer and upsell.
  • Share festive products.
  • If they don't like something you’ve shared, go ahead and share similar products. Be persuasive.
  • To give your customers a comprehensive idea of any attire, share review videos from the Meesho app. To boost your sales of any high-selling product, order for yourself and create videos with your phone camera. 
  • Conduct Live sessions from Facebook. Let your customers know the timings.
  • To help your customer choose any beauty product, order for yourself and make a video of you using it. Share with your customers and get orders.
  • If you are selling household or lifestyle items, vouch for the quality. Ask details like dimension, using purpose and guide them to choose the best.
  • If you are selling electronic products, share the details of warranty and originality. Only share the top-rated products.
  • If your customer is buying any gift from you, ask them to give you certain specifics, such as occasion, the person she is going to gift to, price range and specific preference, if any. Then share the right product.
  • Always mention, if anything goes wrong, you provide return/exchange. 

Helping your customers choose the right product is monumental to have a stable customer base. If they order the right product there are little chances of return/exchange. If you assist them in every step, it is likely that they will come back to you for more. Go ahead and make it big! Happy reselling!