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Reach out individually

The most important part of the reselling journey is to build a strong bond of trust with your customers. From the very beginning, you should maintain a healthy relationship with each of your customers. To do that, it is mandatory that you reach out to them individually and assist them whenever they need you.

Before order-placing:

  1. Once a customer asks for the price, share your price upfront.
  2. Our top resellers recommend that you include shipping and margin both in the final price. Tell them that you provide free shipping.
  3. You should vouch for the quality of products and mention that you offer return and exchange.

After order-placing:

  1. Try to build a personal, captive relationship with your customer.
  2. Respond to them as quickly as possible.
  3. Share tracking details with them as soon as the product is shipped.
  4. Use auto-replies in all the selling platforms.
  5. Once they receive the order, share thank-you note.
  6. Create offers, discount coupons to attract customers.
  7. Encourage referrals from trusted customers.


  • Remember, every customer is an important component of your business. So, make sure you reach out to every individual.
  • When someone is not placing an order for a long time, create offers and discounts.

Follow these simple steps and reach out to every customer. Create a bond of trust and expand your territory. Happy reselling!