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Audio Call or Video Call

Calling is an old yet great way to create empathy with your customers. It will help you to capture and keep someone's attention without physically being in their presence. In most cases, even your likelihood of making a sale will depend on the phone call itself. You can always audio or video call your customers based on their preference and convenience. So, let us look at some tips you can practice for both audio and video call to improve your efficiency.

Tips for Selling your Products Over a Call:

Compared to a textual form of communication, calling is more lively and effective. Your emotions are conveyed accurately on a phone call. Take a look at some tips that can help you become an expert in making deals with your customers.

  • Create a good impression by being confident while describing the product.
  • Be yourself and sound natural on a call rather than sounding like a salesperson.
  • Take a genuine interest in your customer and listen to them more.
  • Emphasise on certain phrases or keywords to sound passionate.
  • Make your conversations more interesting by asking them questions.
  • Be prepared before a phone call for common objections.
  • Summarise what the customer says. 
  • Simplify the options for your customers.
  • Relate your product to your customer needs.

When to use a video call service? 

Video call is another effective alternative to persuade your customers. Your customer’s consent is very much required for a video call. Also, customers may sometimes ask you to show the product through a video call so that they can get the feel of the item. In such circumstances, you can give them a video call if you are comfortable.

Irrespective of what format you are using to call, it is a valuable tool to increase your products sales. Allow your passion and excitement for the product to come through while you are on a call. Go ahead and recall these simple tips when you are on a call next time with your customer and get benefited. Happy reselling, Meesho entrepreneurs!