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Return or Exchange

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! You might have come across a few customers who are extremely challenging to satisfy. Under such circumstances, you can refer to our simple yet strict return or exchange policy. 

Return or Exchange Policy: 

At Meesho, we have a very flexible return and exchange policy for the unsatisfactory products with a few guidelines. Resellers must be aware of these rules before raising a request to avoid any sort of rejection. 

Return/Exchange Rules:

  • The product must be in original condition with no signs of usage.
  • If you want to raise a return/exchange request, you must do it within the 7 days of product delivery.
  • While raising a request, make sure you upload the original picture of the image instead of the catalogue image.
  • We will accept the request only in case of a missing item or if the quality, size or design of the product mismatches the description.
  • We do not offer returns on bulk orders. 

How to place a Return/Exchange request?

Follow these simple steps to raise a return or exchange request.

  • Go to the ‘Orders’ tab on your Meesho app.
  • Click on the specific order you want to return or exchange.
  • Click on the ‘Returns’ button. 
  • Now, you will get two options to either opt for a refund or to exchange. Click on the relevant option you prefer. For example: Select ‘REFUND’ option if you want to just return the product instead of an exchange.
  • Fill in the remaining form and click on ‘Submit’.

Note that each request is closely reviewed by Meesho and you may be required to provide additional information for us to understand the scenario better. Meanwhile, do not use the product you wish to return/exchange.

We have designed our return or exchange policies in a way to benefit our resellers. Also, these policies usually tend to boost your customer’s confidence in purchasing the product. To avoid any discrepancies in the first place, we strongly suggest you make a purchase of a single item to check the quality of the product before sharing it. This will minimize the risk of returning your products and will aid in strengthening your reselling business with Meesho.