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How to get Bonus comfortably?

Meesho offers Weekly Bonus Program to encourage you to earn more and sell your best. Besides your profit margins, you will earn a percentage of bonus on all the successful sales you have achieved that week. Let us look at the bonus percentage offered by Meesho on your weekly sales targets.

Percentage of Meesho Bonus Program:

Meesho will send you the bonus amount every Tuesday to your bank account in the name of FashNear Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Your bonus percentage is calculated on those orders that are delivered and whose return or exchange period is over. The percentage values of the weekly bonus are often subjected to change. So, we strongly suggest you go to the relevant section in the Meesho app to know the actual values.

Things to Remember:

  • Cancelled or returned orders are not eligible for your weekly bonus calculation.
  • Exchange orders will be considered for Bonus calculation post-delivery.
  • Orders cancelled by the seller due to 'out of stock' reason, will not affect your bonus amount.
  • In case the orders placed within that week are not delivered by the bonus date, then the amount is recalculated and transferred to you next Tuesday.

How to track your bonus?

  • Go to the 'Orders' section on the bottom of the Meesho app.
  • You will find the ‘Bonus Tracker’ section on top. It will show your weekly target, current week sales and the amount left to reach your target.
  • To see your lifetime bonus earnings, click on 'More'. Here you will see total bonus earnings, current week’s earnings and all past bonus earnings.

How to track your payments?

  • Go to the 'Account' section.
  • Click on 'My Payments'. Here, you will find a list of all payments, including bonus
  • To see payment details, click on 'View More'.

Taken seriously, this bonus program will improve your sales achievement and bring you more profits. Make the best out of the weekly bonus program and enjoy the reselling experience with Meesho. Happy Reselling!