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How to resell from Meesho Mandi?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! We are currently under a global threat of COVID 19 aka Coronavirus. Our country is under lockdown and we are staying indoors to break the chain of transmission and to keep us and our country safe. 

Meesho knows that you want to keep your business running while staying indoors, to be safe. We are here to help you with your daily essentials at the doorstep. Now, you and your customers can avoid big crowds by getting groceries from Meesho. 

What’s Meesho Mandi?

  • Meesho collates catalogs of quality fruit and vegetables in the Meesho Mandi section.
  • You can sell essential items to your customers at 20-30% lesser prices than local shops.
  • Meesho will deliver fresh groceries so that you can earn margin and provide your customers essential groceries. 
  • Meesho’s priority is your safety and continued sales of your business. Sell and show your customers that you are there for them. 

What’s in there? 

You will get a wide variety of veggies like potato, onion, tomato, carrot, cauliflower, ladies finger, lemon, cabbage, capsicum, coconut, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, raddish, beans, ginger, chilli, essential herbs and many more. Varieties of fresh fruits such as banana, melon, papaya, watermelon etc. are also available for reselling. 

Please remember,

  • The minimum amount of order is ₹500. So, add products worth ₹500 to be able to checkout.
  • Prices will change everyday as it does in local sabzi mandis.
  • Only online payment is available for these products. 
  • Cash-on-delivery (COD) is not available to ensure there is no exchange of notes, minimising chances of physical contact. 
  • It takes 3 days to deliver the products. 
  • Products will be delivered from 6 am to 6pm. 
  • You can collect your delivery at the ground floor of your building or at the entry gate. 
  • Check if all the items are there in the delivery.
  • These products cannot be returned once the order has been placed.
  • Cancellation is available by the end of the day of placing order.
  • If any of the products ordered by you is unavailable or out of stock, the amount will be refunded. 
  • Check for available locations before placing orders.

How to sell?

  1. Share grocery catalogs with your customers and place their orders together. 
  2. Meesho will deliver the products to your house. Meesho Mandi is not applicable for direct delivery to customers. 
  3. Bring your own carry bag for hygiene. 
  4. Wash your hands with water and soap after coming back to home.
  5. Ask your customers to bring their carry bags for further safety. 
  6. Do not take orders from customers who live far away from your place, since you have to deliver the products to them. 

Meesho Mandi gives you the opportunity to become a provider to your customers in these hard times. Keep selling, keep providing. Happy reselling!