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₹1 or Actual Price?

With today’s evolving market, you will find new strategies popping up every second from each corner of the world. It is absolutely necessary that you adapt to the latest trends, learn from mistakes, and take advantage of new technology tools if you want to be successful over a long period of time. But you shouldn’t execute a plan blindly, without analysing the pros and cons of a strategy. 

1 or Actual Price strategy is one of the most controversial strategies, as it received mixed opinions from our expert resellers. As the name suggests, this strategy implies whether to use ₹ 1 or actual price as clickbait on social media.  Let’s see its pros and cons to figure out which strategy will suit your business needs.

Pros of ₹1 Strategy:

  • Improves the click rate rapidly as it draws a lot of attention
  • Increases the number of views on your post
  • Drives a lot of traffic to your social media posts

Cons of  ₹1 Strategy:

  • Puts your relationship with your customers at stake
  • Makes your customers feel that you are not trustworthy
  • Brings customers who are unfit for your business
  • Decreases the chances of converting your leads into prospects

Pros of Actual Price Strategy:

  • Promotes transparency
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Forms a healthy reputation of your brand and products
  • Helps you to generate genuine potential leads

Cons of Actual Price Strategy:

  • Reduces the number of clicks and views comparatively.
  • Drives less traffic to your posts.

The bottom line is that clickbait or ₹1 strategy can be an effective tool in the right circumstances but, you are likely to have more success in the long run with an accurate price. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same techniques to your advantage; you just require a solid product with a unique USP to get the best of this strategy. 

Go ahead and choose wisely by respecting your audiences’ and customers’ needs, rather than your own. Happy reselling!