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Branding for Identity, Recall and Retention

Branding is everything since it defines your business! A brand name is what makes your business stand out from others. It will help you to acquire customers and build credibility in this increasingly crowded marketplace. Let us look closely at each step on how branding can help you become a successful reseller.

Identity: Your brand image is how your customers perceive your business. You must create a memorable impression in order to be recognized by your customers. To build a strong brand image, your business must grab the attention of the customers through trust and service. So, ensure that you are not only sharing the products that are trendy but also superior in quality. In that way, you are adding credibility to your business and influencing their buying decision.

Recall: Brand recall will actually result in long-term profitability and your customers’ allegiance. After creating a positive impression, the next part is definitely to maintain that image. People are more likely to purchase again and again from the brands they trust. So, it is crucial to communicate your business values to your customers and keep your promises in terms of service and delivery of the product. 

Retention: While acquiring more new customers, you must also keep an eye on your old customers. Your regular customers also play a crucial role in bringing more customers through their word-of-mouth referrals. You must make them believe that they are prioritized in all situations and their feedback is as important as ever. In the process, reward your most frequent customers with an offer or a free gift once in a while to make them feel special.

A strong brand image will influence your current and prospective customers’ response to the products you are sharing. A unique brand name will definitely make a valuable asset to your online business in improving sales. Build your brand using Meesho and become a trusted seller to your customers. Happy reselling!