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How to sell Hand Sanitizers?

Hello Meesho entrepreneurs! We are currently facing a global threat, the outbreak of Coronavirus. As per World Health Organisation(WHO)’s guidelines, we should follow some rules to keep ourselves safe from Coronavirus. The basic protective measures include washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, avoiding touching nose, eyes and mouth, and seeking medical care if needed. 

Hence, hand sanitizers are a very useful tool to keep ourselves protected. We should use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to reduce microbial count and kill harmful germs like Coronavirus.  Hand sanitizers are more reliable than soap and water and regular hand wash. You can carry the bottle of hand-sanitizer wherever you want and keep yourself protected from germs. Meesho is providing discounts against rising prices and diminishing stocks elsewhere; so that you can take a step ahead and help your customers stay safe. 

  • Go to the Meesho app and enter the keyword ‘hand sanitizer’ in the search box.
  • You will see catalogs of hand sanitizers. Share the catalogs with your customers and also, let them know about the use and importance of hand sanitizers.
  • Look for combo offers available for hand sanitizers.
  • Tap on the ‘CORONA’ banner on the ‘For You’ feed, to explore the varieties of hand sanitizers.

Go ahead and share hand sanitizer catalogs with your customers. Stay safe, stay healthy. Happy reselling!