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Tassel Earrings

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More About Reselling Tassel Earrings

Tassel Earrings are very much in fashion these days. The extraordinary thread work gives the wearer a uniquely traditional yet modern look. Tassel earrings generally have oxidized metal as the main piece of jewelry from where the threads fall either in separate pieces or as bundles.

No Better Place To Shop For Tassel Earrings Online

If you’re going for a bohemian or boho look, style your outfit with a pair of alluring tassel earrings. Tassel earrings are very popular and come in a variety of designs. Scroll down to explore latest colors, designs, and embellishments that are sure to fit your preference and price.

Wear Tassel Earrings and Make a Statement

Every year gives us many impeccable fashion trends, and donning tassel earrings is one of them. It is quite a rage, not only amongst teenagers but also among adults. While one can make these earrings at home, the tassel earrings available online are just fabulous. You can easily customize them by being in touch with the vendor, but the available choices are diverse enough. The style started in the early 1870s and has since then evolved to produce unique designs. While the latest tassel earrings are more simplified, they complete any look and add a touch of elegance to the person's overall appearance. Shop for them at meesho and deliver your fashion statement just right!

Tassel earrings  earrings have many thin chains attached to a hoop, and their length can vary. As they can go well with every other costume in your closet, buying them is a healthy investment. Women across the world mostly pair them with maxi dresses or off-shoulder tops, which helps accentuate their facial features.

There are various designs of tassel earrings available –

Oxidized metal earrings with tassels

This category is quite popular as it unites two main earring styles. The oxidized metal part of the earring acts as a perfect suspender to the tassel threads, and the overall look is quite vintage yet colorful. 

Classic tassel earring designs

 These are not much different from the typical tassel earrings that one would expect to see. Meesho brings about quality to work, and thus the earrings available on the website are worth every penny.

Latest tassel earring designswith mirror work

These are black and go well with a monochromatic choice of clothes. As some bits of an actual mirror is used, these can go well with black and white ethnic and western wear. 

Bunch tassel earrings with beads: When a bunch of threads is aligned together, you will get a structure resembling beads. These bunches are then suspended from hoops or oxidized metal structures and are quite colorful to look at.

Peacock tassel earrings design: You can find every color of a peacock's feather on this earring, and that's what makes the multi-color look charming. The threads are delicately woven around the structure, and these earrings can complement any look. 

Diamond double-layered tassel earrings: Who doesn't like diamond-shaped objects? These earrings are mirrors carved into a diamond shape, and the tassels protrude downwards from them. They are colorful and go well with sarees that are styled in a new way.

Bright orange tassels with embellished metal: Orange goes best with white, and these earrings paired with a white kurti dazzle effortlessly. The metal that holds the threads is carved and has precise figures drawn upon it. There are various types available within this itself, given that the design varies every time. 

"Bunch and black" tassel earrings: These earrings are not much different from the multi-colored ones, but they exude an aura of seriousness and professionalism, making them a great choice to complement an office-wear outfit. 

Flowy tassel earrings: If one doesn't exclusively like the bunched-up earrings, they can go for the flowy ones. The beads attached to the metal suspend tassel threads that are of varying lengths and colors. The most popular color in this category is black, and it certainly goes well with all-white ethnic wear. 

Moon-shaped red tassel earrings: This is a red-colored shiny tassel earring set embellished with red stones. You can easily pair it with decent palazzos, and they will make you glow. It has bits of every type, i.e., oxidized metal with red tassel threads and beads.

Tassel earrings available online are a boon – If you are too busy to go shopping and visit at least five stores before you find the right accessories, then meesho's website is the one to help you out. You can find fantastic jewelry sets and single pieces of embellishments with just a few clicks of the keyboard. They have a cash on delivery system and a 7-days easy return program for their customers. 

The prices allotted for the tassel earrings are quite down-to-earth – There's no place elsewhere to find such an inexpensive cost for accessories. Meesho has earrings starting from hundred rupees, and the prices go up as the embellishments are added on. Tassel earrings are available at a cheaper rate, but the quality of the work is not compromised. 

Complement the outfit well and know your trademark – Tassel earrings complement various looks but exude an aura of elegance only if paired with the right combination of clothes. Read on for tips on how to match the accessories you bought from meesho perfectly!

Know your face cut: For example, if you have a heart-shaped face, earrings that are big and wide will suit you better; if you have a square face, earrings that are not too long will accentuate your face. 

Wear color on monochrome: This isn't as outrageous as you think. A simple white formal top and any color jeans paired with orange tassel earrings can complete your look for the day!

To grab eyeballs, red tassels work impeccably: A dark blue or black outfit with red tassel earrings is perfect for a casual night out with friends or an intimate dinner party. Couple it with slight make-up, and you are looking at beauty personified.

The best option for special occasions: For a formal gathering or festivities, one has to choose heavy tunics. It's only appropriate that the earrings chosen are heavy too. Studded gems or elegantly carved metal tassel earrings are perfect for the occasion and adorn the person wearing them gracefully.

Know how to balance the color equation: Too many "colors" can spoil the "look." Go for subtleness whenever possible and judge all the parameters mentioned above thoroughly. Meesho has a wide range of jewelry products, from colorful to monochrome, and the tassel earrings that they market are almost always perfect for any occasion.

Buy Tassel Earrings Online At Low Prices On Meesho

Tassel earrings are one fashion trend that is not showing any signs of fading away. As they go with any look and can complement the outfit gracefully, women choose them as their go-to in confusing situations. Meesho has unique tassel earring designs available, that too, at an unbelievably inexpensive price. The accessories section is flooded with thousands of earrings options to choose from – Drop earrings, oxidized metal ones, Chandbali earrings, studs, hoops, and the list goes on! 

You can find every small detail attended to of the tassel earrings available online, as also accessories that perfectly complement the outfit you have chosen. Go shop to your heart's content on the website and feel confident about the looks you deliver!

What is the starting price for Tassel Earrings?

The typical starting price for Tassel Earrings is Rs. 81. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 789 Tassel Earrings on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Tassel Earrings?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Tassel Earrings: Gold Round Earrings, Ethnic Earrings, Meenakari Earrings, Diamond Earrings, Gold Bali,

How can I buy Tassel Earrings online?

You can browse over 789 options for Tassel Earrings online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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