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Silver Anklet

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Also known as Payal, ankle chains, ankle bracelets, anklets have always been popular for a long time. For most of the women, anklets are just an accessory. However, some silver anklets also show a sign of social statuses like marriage. While some wear it to protect themselves from the evil eye, others solely don silver anklets to make a fabulous fashion statement. Traditionally, anklets are made of various materials, some of the most popular ones being - Silver Anklets, Silver Payal, Dulhan Payal, etc. Check out some gorgeous silver anklets online in Meesho.

Must-Have Silver Anklets And Payal Designs For Every Woman

Anklets or Payals have been in vogue for centuries and are still extremely popular. With modern innovations in its designs and style, anklets have been given a complete makeover. They are not just for traditional outfits anymore. You can wear a stylish anklet to make a unique fashion statement with any outfit.

Silver anklets are so popular because they complement every look, be it formal or casual. From delicate to elaborate designs, you can get silver anklets in any design you like. Traditional silver Payals are rooted in Indian cultaure and hold special significance for married women. In fact, this exotic, delicate piece of jewelry is now loved by women all over the world. Whether you are going to get married or just want to experiment with a cool, boho-chic style, silver anklets will serve your purpose perfectly. Let's check out some distinct silver anklet designs that are trending this season.

Silver Charm Anklets

If you are someone who wants their outfit to give off a casual breezy vibe for the summer, charm anklets are a must-have for you. Unlike traditional Payals, charm anklets can work well with all Western outfits, including dresses and skirts. They look amazing with heels and delicate strappy sandals. You can also get matching earrings and charm bracelets to go with your anklets.

These anklets feature dainty charms that complement each other perfectly. This will allow you to wear them with any outfit you want. A charm anklet can represent your fashion sense and your personality as well. You can even add your own charms and pendants to customize your anklets the way you want.

Bridal Anklets

Bridal ornaments are distinctive in their design. They tend to be heavier and more elaborate. The rule applies to bridal anklets as well. Since Payals are a part of the Solah Sringar or sixteen steps for a bride they are quite significant. You can choose silver anklets that have a multi-layered design or ones that are adorned with stones, balls, and pearls. Kundan and Meenakari anklets are also quite popular among modern brides.

Stone Embedded Anklets

If you want to add a funky but slightly sophisticated vibe to your look, go for a stonework silver anklet instantly. These anklets look ethereal when worn with Indian outfits like suits and Kurtis. You can also wear them with leggings that are ankle length. To create an interesting contrast pair your silver stonework anklets with your neutral colored leggings or Churidars. This will highlight your feet in a subtle but impactful way. It has an ethnic charm and depending on the designs, can be subtle or ornate.

Beaded Silver Anklets

Beads are used as an accessory in fashion - clothing, jewelry, bags, etc. It adds to the eye appeal and cost of any item. In anklets, beadwork can be done in various creative ways - different cuts, colors, shapes, and sizes. These lovely beads can give your anklet the perfect look. Also, different types of beads can symbolize identity and cultural significance.

Gold Plated Silver Anklets

Brass golden plated anklets are thick jewelry designed for the most traditional anklet look. You can find a lot of women in Rajasthan wearing this style of anklets. Their anklets are worn on the right ankle and also suggest their married life. Brass resembles gold and is one of the most bought jewelry pieces that need a lot of bends and designing.

Silver Chain Anklets

Silver chain anklets are the most popular choice for college girls and working women. The design basically consists of a delicate chain that may or may not be adorned with charms and beads. When worn with skirts or dresses or even shorts, these anklets create a striking look and catch the eye. You can wear matching necklaces and bracelets to emphasize your style.

Bohemian Silver Anklets

These days, silver jewelry that has a touch of boho chic is a popular global fashion trend. Bohemian silver anklets have some defining features that make them unique. They give off a fun, hip vibe that is perfect for a casual look. But you can also style them for a formal or party look if you want. Some women prefer to wear them on both feet while others like to wear them on just one foot. If you’re planning for a trip to the beach then you must try out some boho silver anklets with your beachy dress.

Outfits And Accessories That Go With Silver Anklets

Aside from your outfit, your footwear is also important when selecting which anklet design would look best. If you plan on wearing your anklet with sneakers, choose a style with colorful charms or beads. However, if you want to wear it with heels and a dress or skirt, choose a more simple design with delicate adornments.

Get a couple of different designs so that you can wear them with all of your outfits and footwear. When you have more than one silver anklet, you can also try layering them to create a fashionable look. As for outfits, you should wear anklets with anything that ends at your ankles or above. Leggings, ankle-length jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses all look good with silver anklets.

Silver necklaces and bangles work perfectly with silver anklets. You should choose jewelry that has a similar design. For instance, if your anklet is layered, go for a long layered silver necklace and a delicate chain bracelet. For a beaded or stonework anklet, bead necklaces and bracelets will look best.

Latest Silver Anklet Designs Online At The Lowest Prices

No doubt, silver anklets have a lot to offer and can amp up any look without much effort. If you are looking for trendy and elegant styles of silver anklets, you are in the right place. There are several exotic designs available at our store.

Besides, we offer a diverse range of other fashionable jewelry pieces such as earrings, nose rings, finger rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. Therefore, if you are looking to buy anklets at an affordable price, then explore Meesho’s website. Discover the amazing collections we have and get the best for you at the lowest prices in the market!

What is the starting price for Silver Anklet?

The typical starting price for Silver Anklet is Rs. 71. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 3199 Silver Anklet on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Silver Anklet?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Silver Anklet: Gold Anklets, Bridal Anklets, Artificial Jewellery, एंकलेट, Payal,

How can I buy Silver Anklet online?

You can browse over 3199 options for Silver Anklet online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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