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Green Bangles

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More About Reselling Green Bangles

Bangles are attractive circular jewelry that sits on the wrist and comes in several alluring and intricate embellishments and designs. Among bangles, one of the most colors is green bangle designs. Green bangles are extremely popular among women of all ages. They are perfect if you’re looking to add a little bling to your outfit.

Explore Our Huge Collection Of Green Color Bangle Sets Online

Green bangles can be made using various materials and are perfect for any and several occasions. Meesho is one of the most popular destinations for women to get their favorite green bangle set online. We offer the widest collection of green bangles at affordable prices.

Add Finesse to your Appearance with Green Bangles

Bangles are a significant part of Indian traditional jewellery. They hold particular importance in the lives of newlywed women. The way bangles have been depicted in Hindi movies, and some of our favourite songs also show how indispensable they are as ornaments. Of course, this reminds us of the very famous "Bole Choodiyan" number. The place of bangles in the lives of Indian women is extraordinary. 

It makes us curious to explore what makes these bangles such an essential part of our culture, tradition, and celebrations. Bangles are like no other accessory. It has its traditional charm and has a deep meaning, especially for newlyweds. Traditional Indian attire cannot be complete without a beautiful set of bangles adorning a woman's wrist. 

Cultural Significance of Red and Green Bangles

Wearing bangles is a tradition among Indian women. It is customary for recently married ladies to wear bangles made of glass, gold, or different metals as they are believed to ensure the spouse's long life. They connote favourable luck and thriving married life. Not just married women, but even unmarried women hold bangles close to their hearts due to their sentiments.

Adornments back in the ancient days didn't generally come enriched in gold or other precious metals. Relics from the excavations at Mohenjo-Daro show that bangles were originally made of copper, brass, and terracotta. They were initially painted in dark colours and mostly red and were worn by people with all their attires. Bangles are of such significance that it is difficult to imagine Indian women without bangles.

When worn in odd numbers, green bangles are believed to bring fertility, new life and creativity. 

Present Trend of Green Bangles

Green bangles, in the long run, have become a lot trendier to suit a more contemporary look. And, they are still as much in vogue as they were centuries ago. Bangles with geometrical designs give them a stunning look. Nonetheless, for everyday wear, just round glass, metal bangles or sometimes with a single green bangle are preferred. People across the country call it by different names. However, the significance attached to bangles remains the same.

The Classy Green Bangles Set 

The green shades bangles additionally give the individual a mitigating look, as the green tone relaxes you and is very soothing to the eyes. The colour green also takes after nature, life, energy, and partner's well being moreover. Accordingly, due to these installed characteristics, women wish to wear green bangles and make it part of their style statement. 

Green bangles as adornments beautifying the wrists of ladies have existed in Indian society for ages. With time, patterns of what qualifies as a “good” green bangle has changed. The clinking of the bangles is exceptionally soothing to the ear. The best part is that the shade green is tasteful and goes with numerous flexible clothing types. Now you can buy green bangles online from a host of options.

Indian Brides Who Wear Green Bangles:

A Bride in Maharashtra wears green bangles in lopsided numbers. She matches the green bangles with gold Kadaas. The many-sided planning on the gold Kadaas gives the green Choora a too ethnic look. 

Marwadi wedding bangles are similarly as vivid as their way of life. The bangle set is a blend of stones, pearls, colours, and a great deal of bling. You won't be able to avert your eyes from that marvel!

Different Green Bangles Designs:

There are a variety of shades and designs of green bangles that you can wear. If matched with the right type of clothing as per the occasion, any kind of green bangle can accentuate your look and add the perfect zing to your ethnic quotient. Here are a few different styles of green bangles that are a popular choice amidst women contemporarily:

Jewels and Stone Studded Bangles in hues of Green: 

This bangle is extremely royal and classy. It goes with festive attire and ethnic partywear. These bangles are studded with stones and meenakari work and give a very delightful finish to your entire look. Pairing it with matching earrings and contrasting dresses is like the icing on the cake. 

Brilliant Spots Green Colour Bangles: 

These lac bangles are beautiful and sturdy at the same time. This bangle gives a too traditional look to the wrists. Be it lehengas, sarees, or your favourite Patiala suit, this bangle is the perfect pairing. These bangles are decent office wear too useful for a simple reason as it works out in the right way for any clothes. 

High-quality Handwoven Thread Green Bangles design with Kundan:

This kind of bangle is a high-quality bangle with threads woven along the lac and then oval-shaped Kundan studded in it. On the sides of the bangle, the blossom design configuration is decorated in this manner, causing it to appear gorgeous. Conversely, the large red stone with green texture improves the look and is a perfect choice for traditional Jewelry lovers.

Sea Green Bangles: 

Glass bangles have been in mainstream demand as they give an individual an impressive and exclusive look. These light green glass bangles have a brilliant look and look incredible on females of each age group regardless of skin tone. 

Ethnic Pearly Green Bangle:

These bangles carry a very significant legacy with them. They are no less than ornamental antiquities. The pearls give it a royal finish, and when worn with traditional festive attire, they pump up the style of the entire look. These pearly green bangles are sure to get some eyeballs rolling due to their absolutely dazzling look.

Beautiful Green Bangles sets for Young ladies: 

These light green bangles, when combined with contemporary ethnic wear, make young girls look extremely elegant. Young girls can get creative and design their look with these lovely chic green bangle sets. This polished green bangle stands unique on the assertion as to its stunning appearance. The graduating hues of dark and light green, blending like the dusk sky, give you a distinctive and up-to-date look. 

Classic Wedding Green Bangles Set: 

On the wedding day, the bride needs to look exceptional with a glorious and great appearance. When coordinated with the wedding attire, this amazing green bangle gives the lady of the hour a stunning, customary look, and makes her seem phenomenal in the group. 

Designer Green Colour Bangles in Metal: 

The metallic green bangle causes you to look beautiful and can be donned with any caring western outfit too on ethnic wear. Designer green bangles are fit to be graced on any event and justify the saying, " Excellence lies in Effortlessness. " So these basic green colour bangles in metal stand valid on it.

Shop for a Variety of Green Bangles Set Now!

So this was our take on green bangles. At Meesho, you can find these beauties in all shapes, sizes, and a variety of materials. We hope you got an idea of different options to choose from when it comes to beautiful green bangles. With a wide range of green bangles available, choose the shade which will suit your attire. 

What is the starting price for Green Bangles?

The typical starting price for Green Bangles is Rs. 119. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 584 Green Bangles on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Green Bangles?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Green Bangles: Gold Bangles, Hand Bangles, Thread Bangles, Bangles, Silver Bangles,

How can I buy Green Bangles online?

You can browse over 584 options for Green Bangles online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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