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Ear Cuffs

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More About Reselling Ear Cuffs

There are some fads that come and go while some trends remain forever. One of such stunning trends that every girl needs to own is a pair of ear cuffs. Though a part of Indian culture for centuries, ear cuffs made a comeback in the fashion industry this season.

Browse Our Huge Range Of Ear Cuff Earring Designs Online

Get yourself an exquisite ear cuff design that is unique and affordable at the same time. Ear cuffs ate those earring designs that are a must-have in every women’s wardrobe. Transform any of your outfits and make it stunning using an ear cuff.

Sparkle up Your Fashion Game With Trendy Ear Cuffs

Nothing screams fashion like a pair of chic ear cuffs. An eye-catching trend in itself, ear cuffs can elevate your look to the next level in an instant. Interestingly, this trend isn’t a new entrant in the fashion world. Ear cuffs have been around for many centuries now. And yet, their appeal and charm continue to be as strong as ever! 

Call it a traditional jewellery style or a high-end style statement; there’s no denying that ear cuffs can help you flaunt your distinct fashion persona with ease. Since now you can explore a whole range of the latest ear cuff designs and styles at Meesho, you won’t be short of options anymore. Let’s take a look at how you can change your fashion game with ear cuffs. 

History of Ear Cuffs

Are you aware that the recorded history of ear cuffs traces back to 2000BC? The first ear cuff earrings were crafted out of brass. They had a big round mount to wear them on the outer edge of the ear and needed no piercing. 

From the 12th century onwards, ear cuffs became quite popular among the upper classes of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian cultures. They were called ‘kaffa’ and were elaborately designed with precious metals, stones, pearls, and multiple chains. Women loved flaunting kaffas on festive occasions and weddings. In more recent times, fashionistas and socialites have worn this ornament with panache. Style icons like Marylin Monroe, Miranda Carmen, and Lita Baron were seen sporting ear cuffs.

How to Match Your Outfits With Ear Cuff Earrings?

Given the versatility of ear cuff designs, you can wear this ornament with all kinds of outfits and for every occasion. It is one of those ornaments that you can easily flaunt with your western and Indian ensembles. All you need to do is pick the design to match the outfit style, and you can rock any look with ear cuffs. 

Ear cuffs crafted out of gold and having intricate designs are great for wearing with traditional sarees. You can match them with other Indian ornaments, like bangles, necklaces, rings, etc. When dressing up for formal occasions in western outfits, like gowns and dresses, ear cuffs adorned with diamonds and pearls can be a perfect match. When it comes to casual outfits, you can experiment with a whole lot of designs, including elegant pieces and more flamboyant ones with chains and colourful beads or embellishments. 

In other words, you can always find ear cuff designs to match your fashion sensibilities as well as outfits. 

Variety and Style of Ear Cuff Designs

Ear cuffs are one of the most rediscovered fashion trends that have always managed to grab attention. One of the reasons for the popularity of this jewellery trend is due to its availability in a plethora of designs and styles. 

From ethnic patterns to uber-chic modern designs, you can find ear cuffs that match both these styles and everything in between. Ear cuffs are also designed out of various types of metals, including gold, silver, oxidized metals, alloys, plastic, and more. Studded, embellished, plain, funky, the list of ear cuff designs is long and amazing.

Popular Types of Ear Cuffs 

Before you set out to buy ear cuffs online, you must be aware of the popular types that are creating a rage in the fashion world at present. Here are some of the trendiest ear cuff designs you can wear to make heads turn on any day. 

Full Ear Cuff Design

As the name indicates, full ear cuffs are meant to cover your whole ear. When you want to dress up for an extravagant look or want a statement piece of jewellery to adorn your ears, full ear cuff designs can be a perfect choice.

Sparkling Fan Ear Cuff Design

Sparkling fan ear cuff design is all about gorgeous look and flamboyant style. The ear cuff is shaped like a huge fan that hugs the outside of your ear. Such ear cuffs are often crafted out of colourful crystals or studded with sparkling stones for an eye-catching look.

Double Chain Ear Cuff Design

One of the most fashionable ear cuff designs is the double chain style. This design has two chains attached to the ear cuff that travel down to your ear lobe. You can pair up this ear cuff style with festive outfits as well as traditional ensembles. 

Fringed Ear Cuff Design

Fringed ear cuffs are a favourite with the fashionistas these days and for all the right reasons. This ear cuff design has a long metal fringe adorning your ear. When you want to hog the limelight at a party or gathering, team up a golden fringed ear cuff with an attractive black dress.

Spiked Ear Cuff Design

Love to flaunt an edgy look? Spiked ear cuffs can bring a big smile to your face. A stunning ear accessory mimicking long spikes, these ear cuffs can redefine your fashion persona and make jaws drop in awe when you walk around wearing them. They can go as much with jeans and tops as with dresses.

Emerging Ear Cuff Online Trends

One of the latest ear cuff trends is all about wearing them in a single ear. Yes, you can now put on an ear cuff in just one ear and leave the other one unadorned. 

Another trend gaining popularity is the asymmetric ear cuff style. In this style, you have asymmetric ear cuffs to adorn in each ear. You can experiment with various styles and designs for this look. 

Buy the Latest Ear Cuff Designs Online at Attractive Prices on Meesho

Are you worried that the high ear cuff prices online can limit your desire to own them? Head straight to the collection at Meesho and treat yourself to some of the most reasonably priced ear cuffs online. W;;;:"phat’s more, you will come across fascinating ear cuff designs to glam up effortlessly. Further, you can find ear cuffs to match all kinds of styles, ranging from traditional to modern. 

What more do you need? Start exploring Meesho’s ear cuffs right away and add some of the most fabulous ear ornament designs to your jewellery kitty.

What is the starting price for Ear Cuffs?

The typical starting price for Ear Cuffs is Rs. 81. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 469 Ear Cuffs on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Ear Cuffs?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Ear Cuffs: White Earrings, Long Gold Earrings, Jhumkas, Ethnic Earrings, Hoop Earrings,

How can I buy Ear Cuffs online?

You can browse over 469 options for Ear Cuffs online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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