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Western Earrings

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Much like clothing, the world of jewelry has its own nomenclature and at times, differentiating between various designs can be confusing. But it is safe to say that everyone knows and loves western earrings. Western earrings not only give you a sophisticated look but also add that much-needed bling factor to your outfit.

Shop For Indo Western Earring Designs Online At Exciting Prices

Western earrings can be as elaborate as you want it to be or as minimalist, it depends on your style. They are one of the most simple and sorted after earring designs today. Western Earrings are modern classics that will go perfectly with both traditional and contemporary outfits.

Buy Western Earrings Online

Who doesn’t like a nice set of western earrings to add some elegance to their form? That’s right. No one. Since times immemorial, earrings and other ear-based jewellery such as cuffs have been a part of women’s attire in India and elsewhere around the world. A pair of earrings can instantly uplift the look without the ear having to do much heavy-lifting or wear any other jewellery at all. This is where Indo western earrings make more sense because they are easy to carry and wear, are often in vogue with the latest trends, and are extremely affordable.

There are different types, shapes, sizes, and designs ofIndo western earrings available in the online market today. Meesho has one of the largest collections across types, makes, and colours. Support local craftsmanship by choosing creations made through locally sourced materials or go with imports that have their own grace. Whatever you choose, you get the guarantee of low price and high quality from Meesho.

Indo Western Earrings Online

The Indian touch to western earrings is what has made the world bow to the modern Indian fashion trends. The shift from chandelier earrings (or Jhumkas) to studs and hoops and random objects immortalized as earrings (a pair of slippers, anyone?) has been sudden yet welcoming. Women prefer to match their earrings with their wardrobe fashion choices. This makes Indo western earrings a perfect way to complete the modern look. No need to carry those heavy classical earrings and the heavier boxes that they come in. Huff.

If it’s a pair of gold studs that go with white tees and denim pants, then it’s danglers that help you complete the contemporary look for your cousin’s upcoming wedding. With Meesho, you can choose from a variety of Indo western earring designs like plain studs, colourful studs, danglers, hoops, tassels, and cuffs. Explore the range here and move through pages to find the perfect set. We have styles for all occasions and events; you just have to name it.

Western Earring Designs

Our collection allows you to try out different types of western earring designs and shapes. Here are some of the most common designs that are trending in India:


This is a type of Indo western earring that can go with any outfit. Whether you are wearing a salwar kameez or going for a spaghetti one-piece, a pair of studs is all you need to enhance that radiance. Not too gaudy and yet so elegant, a pair of studs can never go wrong. Buy a pair. Or make it four.

Meesho has an eclectic range of studs available in different colours and types. Metal studs and crawler studs are in vogue in India right now, which can help you slay at parties, get-togethers, and functions. The USP of a crawler stud is that it covers the entire ear lobe and can help you match with your attire. On the other hand, metal studs will go with traditional attires giving you a look akin to gold earrings—Sans all the flashiness.


The classic Indo western earring design, a pair of hoops is great for traditional wear, gowns, and frocks. The size of the hoops will further influence the match between your facial jewellery and your attire. So, choose wisely and buy an extra pair because you never know which one is on point and which one is on point and has been okayed by someone special. (Wink!)


These are slender earrings with a heavy touch of Indianness in the form of beads and crystals. Danglers usually are longer and go perfectly with Indian traditional wear like salwar kameez, sharara, sari, and Churidar. They are available in a variety of colours.


Going off-shoulder for that soiree this weekend? Opt for a pair of tassels (or thread earrings) that will partly cover your ears and neck. These are usually threaded and come in pairs, which is how they take up more space on your ear. Thankfully, they are not heavy like Jhumkas and stay stuck to your ears so that you can carry them comfortably for hours.

If you want to make a style statement with your Indo western earrings, go with tassels. They will never go old.


Similar to studs, these are slightly bigger and usually come in silver, black, and golden hues. The main difference is that they can cover your entire ear if you have more than a single piercing. Earcuffs are mostly styled in groups or a single line worn along/above the ear lobe. If you like experimenting, we recommend ear cuffs.

They are also popular amongst Indian women who love piercings. They can also be worn forever, similar to piercings.


A new type of Indo western earrings that have crowded the Indian market is fancy, abstract designs. These are everyday objects like lamps, stars, triangles, cute animals, and even figures that are embellished on the earrings. They are also available in specific shapes which are popular amongst college-going girls and office-going women.

Looking for a casual Friday work outfit? A pair of abstract Indo western earrings will be the perfect complement to your laid-back attire.

Western Earrings Price in India

Western earrings are priced modestly regardless of their type and shape. Falling in the affordable range of a few hundred rupees, western earrings cost less and give more to your fashion. That is what makes them the most coveted form of jewellery. You don’t have to worry about its authenticity (like in gold earrings) or the stone’s purity (like in diamond earrings). You just explore the Meesho inventory, cart the ones that you like from reputed sellers, and hit Buy. That’s all it takes.

Look for Meesho Trusted symbols in the product listings to be reassured of the authenticity of the seller and thereby the quality of the earrings. Our sellers offer several photos from different angles (along with model poses) so that you can check how the Indo western earrings will look on your face.

Go through the Indo western earrings online section to check out the latest collections. Once you are on the listing page, check the western earring price and delivery estimates. After finalizing your pick, place an order via the Meesho app. All payments are carried out through secure gateways. You can also choose the cash on delivery (COD) option and enjoy 7-day returns in the rare case that something goes wrong.

Buy Indo Western Earrings from Meesho

When you have a wide range of western earring designs to choose from, you will become spoilt for choice. But that shouldn’t be a problem because Meesho sells the best Indo western earrings online at the lowest prices. Explore our range of thousands of earrings across pages or download our mobile app and use the search feature.

Never look dull at a party again. Get a set of western earrings or an ornament combo today.

What is the starting price for Western Earrings?

The typical starting price for Western Earrings is Rs. 81. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 5271 Western Earrings on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Western Earrings?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Western Earrings: Gold Hoop Earrings, Earrings For Women, Ear Cuffs, Chain Earrings, Ethnic Earrings,

How can I buy Western Earrings online?

You can browse over 5271 options for Western Earrings online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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