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Silver Jhumkas

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More About Reselling Silver Jhumkas

These days, we come across new jewelry trends every season. However, some classics never go out of style! Silver jewelry is most popular among Indian women, however, in the silver category, the most famous ones are silver Jhumkas.

Explore Our Wide Range Of Silver Jhumka Earring Designs Online

Silver Jhumka designs look fantastic when paired with ethnic clothing, especially silk or Pattu sarees. They can make any outfit look royal, regal, and extremely elegant. Shop for a silver Jhumka of your choice as we have one for every occasion. From extremely heavy silver Jhumkas to minimalist ones, we have a little something for everyone at minimum price.

Buy Silver Jhumkas Online

Earrings have always been a signature style quotient of every woman, especially among Indians. They are not only worn for ornamentation but also as a status symbol, marriage status, wealth status, a symbol of elegance, etc. Earring designs, over the years, have crossed continents and continue to evolve and enamour every woman. One such classic traditional design is the Silver Jhumka. Mainly seen in the Indian subcontinent, this is a typical bell-shaped earring, with its origins in ancient times. Jhumkas make a woman feel flawlessly beautiful and therefore have found a place in every jewellery box. Though there are many kinds of jhumkas, Meesho’s collection of silver jhumka earrings will bowl you over!

The Different Types of Silver Jhumka Earrings

Although the silver jhumka designs are the most popular, there are various kinds of jhumkas available in the market.

Diamond Silver Jhumkas

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Diamond-studded jhumkas are expensive but a symbol of beauty, elegance, and prosperity. The diamonds are usually set in gold jhumkas and go well with ethnic or traditional Indian outfits like heavy suits, lehengas, or sarees. These charming jewellery pieces are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Pearl Silver Jhumkas

Pearls have always been a symbol of class. These jhumkas come in different shapes, colours, and sizes, and are embellished with different kinds of pearls. These earrings are graceful and can spruce up your outfit for any Sangeet or traditional affairs.

Silver Jhumkas Design

Pure silver jhumka earrings are lightweight and most commonly used. They usually come in the typical bell shapes. These silver jhumkas designs vary in craftsmanship from simple ones to ones with intricate work. They may or may not be studded with stones and can be worn with semi-ethnic suits or casual outfits. Pujas and family dinners are the right occasions to dorn these earrings.

Oxidised Silver Jhumkas Design

These are made with an oxidised form of silver and give a blackish effect to the color. These make silver jhumkas look unique. These jhumkas can be worn with casual Indian wear or even western outfits to jazz up an extraordinary look. They come in various sizes and can be worn on an everyday basis as well.

Kundan Jhumkas

The origin of these types of jhumkas goes back to the Royals of Rajasthan. They are embellished with precious stones and can be a bit heavy. A special design for this type of jhumka is the peacock design. Perfect for a wedding or special occasion, the Kundan Jhumkas add a touch of dignified royal class to your outfit.

Meenakari Silver Jhumkas

Meenakari is a Persian art form. It involves the fusing of contrasting colours and applying them on the surface of metals. Meenakari Jhumkas are very colourful and attractive. These silver jhumkas also have bright coloured latkans and go very well with traditional attires for parties or weddings. They spruce up light or pastel-coloured outfits, making them look lavish.

Terracotta Jhumkas

Terracotta is an art form made with earthen baked clay. There is no metal in these jewellery pieces and are very lightweight. The terracotta jhumka designs are inspired by nature and come in various shapes like animals and flowers. Though these are not suitable for heavy partywear, these earrings go well with simple traditional wear or regular western wear.

Kashmiri Silver Jhumkas

The Kashmiri jhumkas come with long chains which go around behind the ears. These irresistible jhumkas can also be pinned to the hair with these chains. Kashmiri silver jhumkas are usually studded with pearls or precious stones and can be a head-turner at weddings or traditional parties.

Ear-Cuff Silver Jhumkas

These jhumkas are a combination of jhumkas and ear cuffs. They come in a wide range of shapes and designs. The upper part of these earrings is to be wrapped around the outer cartilage of the ear and is held together with a chain to the lower part which is hanging. The heavy-designed jhumkas can be worn for weddings and parties while the smaller ones go well with simple salwar suits.

Hoop Jhumkas

The hoop jhumkas are a combination of hoops and jhumkas which make them unique and classy. Round hoops are attached with bell-shaped jhumkas which are hanging loose from the hoops. The hoops also come in crescent shape nowadays and give them a modern, classy look. The hoop silver jhumkas are light and can be worn with western as well as eastern outfits.

Get Your Silver Jhumkas Online And Pair With Different Outfits

Though jhumkas can be worn with almost anything to jazz up your look and outfit or give your western wear a twist, the best way to pair your jhumkas is with the following clothes:


Kurtis with silver jhumkas makes a simple yet amazing combination. Conical hooks or square jhumkas look smart with short Kurtis. Keep the earrings simple to give a subtle, casual class to your outfit.


Silver Jhumkas with sarees is a perfect garment-jewellery match. Depending on how heavy or light your saree is or what the occasion is, there will always be a jhumka that suits the occasion best. Traditional sarees like Kanjivaram or Banarasi can match with fancy jhumkas of floral designs or round or filigree jhumkas. If your neck-piece is simple, you can wear heavy jhumkas. A printed cotton or silk saree can be paired with layered or multi-coloured jhumkas. Linen sarees can be worn with terracotta jhumkas for an all earthy feel.


Lehengas are usually worn on special occasions or festivals. While pairing your Silver jhumkas with your lehengas, you can skip the neck-piece and go for elaborate heavy jhumkas, like the Kashmiri jhumka or drop-top jhumka.

Western Outfits

Though this is not an ordinary combination but then, nor are you an ordinary person! Pair small cute jhumkas with a crop top and hoop jhumkas with jeans to give yourself a snazzy banjaran look. The blend of east meets west can create magic to your outfit. Small silver jhumkas earrings look great with skirts.

Buy Silver Jhumkas at Amazing Prices on Meesho

If you are looking for silver jhumkas online, Meesho has an excellent collection that can fit every occasion. The Silver Jhumkas prices are irresistibly affordable on this site, and quality is guaranteed. You get the latest design and accessories for every occasion. So go ahead and scroll to Meesho and pick as many silver jhumkas as you wish.

What is the starting price for Silver Jhumkas?

The typical starting price for Silver Jhumkas is Rs. 81. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 3972 Silver Jhumkas on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Silver Jhumkas?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Silver Jhumkas: Gold Hoop Earrings, Long Gold Earrings, Kundan Earrings, Jhumkas, Silver Jewellery,

How can I buy Silver Jhumkas online?

You can browse over 3972 options for Silver Jhumkas online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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