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Black Beads Mangalsutra

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More About Reselling Black Beads Mangalsutra

The word Mangalsutra is an amalgamation of two words - ‘Mangal’ meaning auspicious and ‘Sutra’ meaning thread, jointly meaning the united by a holy thread. No matter how fashionable accessorizing has become in the last century, this necklace is not just an accessory and so much more.

Buy Black Bead Mangalsutra Or Nallapusalu Designs Online At Affordable Prices

A black beads Mangalsutra is a holy necklace or thread that is presented to the bride by the groom on their wedding day as a sign of loyalty, fidelity, and love. Check out our huge range of black beads Mangalsutra with different shapes and designs at extremely affordable prices.

Black Bead Mangalsutra

For a newly-wed bride, her Mangalsutra is a pivotal piece of jewellery—one that she must wear every day. Also known as Nallapusalu in Tamil Nadu, the black bead Mangalsutra is a beautiful accessory traditionally worn around the neck of the bride. The groom is the one who secures the Nallapusalu around her neck, thus establishing her bridal status. The black beads Mangalsutra holds immense importance in Indian households everywhere.

But more often than not, after a year or two of marriage, the Mangalsutra finds itself being stored away in a locker—never to be worn again. It is only natural then to want a black beads Mangalsutra design that is exquisite and flattering while still retaining its ritualistic value. That is why we have created an edit of online black beads, Mangalsutra pieces that are timeless and trendy. These pieces faultlessly fit the requirements of the modern-day bride who wants her bridal style to reflect her individuality. Rest assured, our varied and cost-effective selection will have you brimming with enthusiasm. 

Tracing The Journey Of The Nallapusalu:

With its roots in South India, the Nallapusalu was simply an auspicious thread that signified the union of the bride and groom. Crafted with a string of black beads now; it is a widely held belief that the Nallapusalu clears any negative energy around the bride and groom. Today, however, the black beads Mangalsutra does more than resemble a wedding custom. It is now a sartorial statement.

Over the years, brides have come into their unique style sensibilities. In keeping with that, bridal fashion choices over the world have had to adapt to these updated and wide-ranging tastes. 

A far departure from its traditional avatar, the Nallapusalu has undergone a contemporary transformation. And this is evident in the online black beads Mangalsutra design varieties on Meesho. Whether your bridal style sensibilities are traditional or modern, edgy or minimalist, we have a black beads Mangalsutra design suited to your preference.

The Most Popular Online Black Beads Mangalsutra Styles:

From the classic metals of gold and diamond to the more avant-garde picks such as oxidised silver and more, here are some of the most sought-after black beads Mangalsutra designs available on Meesho:

  • Gold and black beads Mangalsutra design:
    By far the most conventional yet timeless, this classic Nallapusalu is a jewellery must-have for the traditional bride. While this gold-plated black beads Mangalsutra design may be the mainstream choice, it in no way lacks lustre. There are plenty of designs to choose from within it as well.
    From long Mangalsutras to multi-stringed options and more, you can browse the online black bead Mangalsutra types available on our site. If you are a minimalist bride, a sophisticated single-stringed Nallapusalu with a small gold-plated pendant is perfect for you. However, if you are someone who prefers opulent and statement-making accessories, you can go for a multi-stringed Mangalsutra with a bespoke gold pendant featuring an intricate design. You can even experiment with the choice of gold when it comes to the bijou for your black beads Mangalsutra design. From rose gold to yellow gold and others, there is no need to limit yourself.
  • Diamond and black beads Mangalsutra design:
    For the contemporary bride whose fashion sense points to a blend of extravagance and sophistication, the diamond-encrusted Nallapusalu is a perfect choice. Accentuated by floral motifs and eclectic designs, this Mangalsutra will fit seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe. What’s more? We also offer the Nallapusalu necklace and matching earring sets for a well-rounded look. This tasteful choice can see you through a wedding as well as a cocktail event. So, whether you choose to give it to someone as a gift or buy it for yourself, check out our online black beads Mangalsutra collection featuring diamonds for some inspiration.
  • Silver and black beads Mangalsutra design:
    Bohemian or luxurious, there is a silver and black beads Mangalsutra design for every style aesthetic. For the edgy bride, this Nallapusalu is the perfect addition to the bridal jewellery box. If your style sensibilities resonate with bohemian, our selection of online black beads Mangalsutra with an oxidised silver pendant is your ideal match. This tribal Mangalsutra can be worn mix-and-matched with a variety of outfits, injecting an experimental flair.
    On the other hand, if luxury is what you are after, a dainty, silver pendant paired with the string of black beads is what you need. And while this luxurious iteration may sound expensive, our black beads Mangalsutra price is very pocket-friendly without compromising on quality.
  • Temple and black beads Mangalsutra design:
    Another opulent Nallapusalu design that you can go for is temple jewellery. Characteristic to the South Indian bridal jewellery aesthetic, if your mantra is more-is-more meets classical elegance, the temple design black beads Mangalsutra design is for you. This Nallapusalu produces an attention-grabbing effect that suits the modern bride perfectly. Plus, this black beads Mangalsutra design will complement your bridal trousseau, thus elevating its intrinsic grandeur. With numerous show-stopping online black beads Mangalsutra designs to choose from, our edit of temple-inspired ones is worth bookmarking.
  • Pearl and black beads Mangalsutra design:
    In recent years, pearls have enjoyed their time in the spotlight; featuring in bridal lehengas, dupattas, and more. This dainty gem is among the most popular sartorial choices for the millennial bride. Be it chokers, earrings or even the quintessential Maangtika, modern-day brides look to pearl for a fresh and fashionable edge. It is no surprise then that this coveted gem has made its way into the Nallapusalu designs as well. Most of our online black beads Mangalsutra varieties offer pearl iterations. There are also Nallapusalu- earring sets available on our site. Besides its sophisticated charm, another reason to buy this is our affordable black beads Mangalsutra price.
  • Nallapusalu bracelet and rings:
    Of late, the Nallapusalu has undergone some innovative redesigning. And some of the most eye-catching inventions of the black beads Mangalsutra design are Mangalsutra rings and bracelets. For a Nallapusalu ring, designers use only the black beads to form its rim. When it comes to the bracelets, however, you can opt for a delicate pendant in silver, gold, or any other semi-precious stone to accompany the black beads Mangalsutra. Eccentric and elegant, scroll through our online black beads Mangalsutra bracelet collection to take your pick. 

Shop From a huge Variety of Black Beads Mangalsutra At Meesho

Along with the Nallapusalu styles mentioned above, our site offers an array of unique and irresistible designs. Indeed, this is great news for brides who want to hold on to tradition by injecting their personal touch into the accessory. And as the black beads Mangalsutra design diversifies, we can look to investing in multiple Nallapusalu pieces to wear on different occasions. The best part of having so much variety is that our inexpensive black beads Mangalsutra price lets you indulge guilt-free while shopping. Delivering high-quality jewellery at the best prices, our edit of online black beads Mangalsutra promises a sheen that lasts. So, go ahead and buy your favourite black bead Mangalsutra designs or sets from our website.

What is the starting price for Black Beads Mangalsutra?

The typical starting price for Black Beads Mangalsutra is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 208 Black Beads Mangalsutra on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Black Beads Mangalsutra?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Black Beads Mangalsutra: Diamond Mangalsutras, Gold Nallapusalu, Gold Mangalsutra Pendants, Maharashtrian Mangalsutra, Long Mangalsutras,

How can I buy Black Beads Mangalsutra online?

You can browse over 208 options for Black Beads Mangalsutra online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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