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Kundan Earrings

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Kundan earrings are considered an heirloom in many Indian households with a lavish legacy of more than 2,500 years. Brought to India by the Mughals, Kundan earrings are made when gold is hammered into narrow bands to form the base of the earring. The base is then adorned with glass stones like emerald, ruby, sapphires to make the world-famous Kundan earrings.

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Explore our huge range of alluring Kundan earring designs online at affordable and exciting prices. Transform any of your Indian ethnic outfits to a stunning party wear outfit with a pair of gorgeous Kundan earrings.

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We’ve all been movie maniacs at some point or the other in our lives. We have always loved to see the leading ladies on screen, dressed in elegant Indian attire, and wearing the best jewellery that exists on the planet. Watching Aishwarya Rai in Jodhaa Akbar was a visual treat, especially because of her Kundan Earrings and Necklaces.

However, times have changed and the Kundan jewellery is not just for Kings and Royalty. Weddings have become more spectacular now when the bride walks down the aisle to meet her man, wearing elegant lehengas and Kundan jewellery. People even get married in palaces and call it the ‘ideal destination wedding’.

The distance between the Maharajas and the common man has reduced and that led to the wide popularity of the Kundan earrings and jewellery. To understand how to adorn them, we need to comprehend what is the real essence, beauty and charm of these earrings. Here’s a deeper look at these pretty pieces.

What are Kundan Earrings?

We know from our history that the Mughals settled in the Northern parts of India, quite close to the Deserts of Rajasthan. The Kundan earrings were the masterpieces created by skilled craftsmen of the Rajasthan terrain. The reason these were popular even back then was because of the extreme detailing and intense beauty that they radiated.

They came in different shapes and sizes depending on the preferences of the Royal Rulers. The studs were splendid while the dangling sets were the depiction of status and ethereal beauty in that Era.

Not just women, even men gracefully embraced the beauty of these Kundan Earrings design.

The modernization of the art brought some significant changes in the making but the core essence remains the same. They still happen to be magnificent, lovely and make your ears look like impressive shells with dangling perfections.

How are Kundan Earrings made?

It takes a lot of artwork to bring these designs to life. Irrespective of custom requests or existing models, the making takes a considerable amount of time, efforts and creativity. A single person usually doesn’t indulge in making the sets and collaboration of hands is what gives shape to the best jewellery. The basic procedure remains the same while craftsmen can use the magic of their creative minds to create exclusive Kundan earrings pieces that can attract the eyes of customers.

Kundan jewellery usually has multiple layers of stone and high-quality metal. There is joint work that holds the design layout together and this gives off the vibes of exquisite detailing that these earrings are famous for.

The Kundan stones are cut into various shapes according to the layered base design created and then attached on 24-carat gold using gold foils or even lac. The other side or underside is enamelled properly. If you have heard of meenakari work, certain Kundan earrings designs also come with subtle meenakari work that adds more elegance and glamour to the already gorgeous earpieces.

Kundan Earrings Priced Affordably ?

Kundan can never grow old. When did the Mughals rule Indians? It was hundreds of years ago but we still swoon over the enchanting look of the Kundan jewellery. So, it is proved that Kundan jewellery will remain to be a female favourite even in the future. You can pass them on from one generation and to another and you’ll not realise when they’ll become the family heirlooms.

The best thing that you need to consider here is that quality will not deter. No matter how long you wear them and how often, Kundan earrings are going to stay intact and beautiful as long as you don’t handle them like a cannibal.

They are fragile but not as much as those thin chains of gold that compete with threads in fragility. They are heavy and so is their presence in a room full of guests. People cannot keep their attention off of these masterpieces and that is why celebrities prefer them along with their extra-long, flashy marriage lehengas. They also become a status symbol and you don’t want to lag behind in that game. So buy them at best price on Meesho.

What are the latest Kundan Earrings design trends?

If you think the Kundan earrings are going to look good only with extravagant lehengas, then you are mistaken.

The earrings need not be extra long, dangling pieces of grandeur all the time.

There are simple Kundan pieces that come with subtle pearl danglings. We even have the studs that are slightly bigger pieces of Kundan, sometimes surrounded by intricate detailing. These can be worn on modern attires like Kurtas, tunic tops and jeans as well.

Not just for weddings and functions, you can choose to wear your Kundan pieces to your beach trips, long drives and a date with your partner on a winter evening. If you are wearing maxi dresses, the latest Kundan earrings will be the right combination with them.

When you have nothing around your neck and only two studs of shining Kundans are on your ears, that highlights your natural beauty.The feminine elegance and the simplicity draws more hearts than any over-the-top dressing attempts.

So, the creations are not just meant for gala Indian events and traditional Indian attire. Even the minimalists can grab the best Kundan jewellery once the major misconception is erased from the head.

Why should you buy Kundan Earrings online?

The Kundan earring designs are usually made in the Rajasthan region - especially Bikaner and Nathdwara. You can’t easily travel there if you are situated in the south or far off regions from the heart of Kundan earrings making.

Online platforms like Meesho make it easier for you to get access to some of the best jewellery pieces. The quality is not compromised and only the tested and approved products are displayed on the site. There is no scope for cheating and the delivery is swift, safe and customer friendly.

You even have offers that slash the Kundan earrings online cost and you don’t have to worry about out-of-budget purchases. On a whole, online platforms like Meesho are the connecting bridges between jewellery lovers and the craftsmen of Rajasthan, always promoting the hard work of Indian skilled workers.

What is the starting price for Kundan Earrings?

The typical starting price for Kundan Earrings is Rs. 81. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 3744 Kundan Earrings on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Kundan Earrings?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Kundan Earrings: कान की बाली, Artificial Jewellery, Gold Jhumka, Drop Earrings, Earrings For Women,

How can I buy Kundan Earrings online?

You can browse over 3744 options for Kundan Earrings online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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