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Silk Thread Earrings

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You must have worn gold, silver, or diamond earrings, but have you ever tried a pair of silk thread earrings? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a stylish accessory that can make you look absolutely stunning.

Featuring in different varieties such as studs, long earrings, cuffs, drop earrings, etc. These earrings are extremely versatile and can help you stand apart in a crowd. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for a traditional occasion to wear them - whether it is a wedding party or a weekend outing, you can wear it with almost any outfit.

Look Etheral Silk thread Earrings Online

Wearing Silk Thread Earrings will make a lifetime impression of a woman who is perfectly dressed for a formal occasion or a casual party adorning these perfect tassels. Also termed as Sui Dhaga Earrings, these are made from the rich and grand quality thread which is highly durable and gives a royal look. These stylish and trendy Silk Thread Earrings designs are perfect for young girls and elegant women with their intricate high-end polished look. It adds a luxurious and glamourous reflection to the overall look of the woman enhancing her beauty.

Types of Silk Thread Earrings

Silk Thread Earrings designs come in various patterns embossing single and multiple thin threads and chains. These are usually longer, going below the earlobe, unlike the traditional metal earrings. They come in a myriad of styles like long tassels, Jhumkas, beaded crown, Dori and hoops, etc. Sui Dhaga Earrings never walk out of trend and are an alluring piece of jewellery matched with dresses, traditional sarees, and off-shoulder western tops.

You can buy Silk Thread Earrings online in the following panaches:

Silk Thread Jhumkas

Jhumkas in Silk Thread is available in a multitude of colours and styles with beads hanging on the bottom or in a Chandbali style. Contrary to the Gold or Diamond earrings look, it gives an attractive charm to both Western and Indian wear and is quite convenient to pull off. All you need to do is pick the right combination of colours in your Silk Thread Earrings and match it with your attire.

Beads and Crowns

Normally, these earrings work with traditional outfits. A pair of beaded Silk Thread Earrings design gives the appearance of a crown with colourful Kundan beads.

Hoop and Dori Earrings

Silk thread earrings with hoops, designed with sparkles, can be outstandingly adorned with a Kanjivaram saree or traditional outfit to enhance the overall charm and beauty of a woman. Dori earrings are another style of Silk thread with the traditional design exhibiting an ethnic look. These are best suited for formal occasions like weddings, festivals, and formal family get-togethers.

Double Decker Earrings

While browsing through Silk thread earrings online, you will come across earrings with another Jhumki or hoop under the main strand to give a double-decker look. These are eye-catching long strands of earrings and can reveal the bold and dressy side of a woman. Paired with western outfits and sarees, these can give you a contemporary or traditional style suited for any occasion.

Dual Colored 

The style and personality of a woman are well established by the jewellery she chooses to wear and opting for a dual-coloured pair of exotic Silk thread earrings is a great choice. These come in different patterns like stripes, criss-cross, or two variants at the bottom and the top. This is a fun and wild style of reflecting a casual or formal look and enhances your collection of Silk Thread Earrings designs.

Selecting the ideal Silk Thread Earrings 

You can choose from a plethora of unique designs of Silk thread earrings online, which are thread-woven and vintage, making a woman elegant, attractive, and extremely charming. Clinging on to a soldered piece of metal, you don’t need to worry about the thread coming apart. Silk Thread Earrings prices andthe variety that is available online is highly competitive, but we will offer the best deals to you.

There are things you need to consider before opting for the perfect pair of silk thread earrings to complement your style, occasion, and outfit like:

The shape of face 

For a woman with a round or oval face structure, chain, double-deckers or tassel silk thread designs are the best choices. Round shaped earrings should be avoided, which would otherwise look great on a square or oblong face cut. Even hoops and Jhumkas would be an ideal choice for them.

Skin complexion and tone

To accentuate your beauty, you must consider earrings that complement your skin. Colourful silk thread earrings designs are the best choice for women with cool undertones who can risk fascinating people by adorning multi-coloured and bold earrings. With warm undertones, it is advisable to stick to metal or stone Silk Thread Earrings with subtle tones.


Although Silk Thread Earrings can go with any occasion yet to be more specific, we can choose the most appropriate style to complement the occasion. For special occasions like weddings and festivals, one can wear heavy Jhumkas and Danglers. For a casual party, one can adorn tassel earrings with double-deckers. Lighter designs like hoops drops, or studs suit the casual look if going to work or college.


It is imperative to match the style and colour of your Silk Thread Earrings with the outfit to make a fashion statement, Wearing traditional multi-coloured Silk Thread Jhumkas with casual jeans is a complete no and is no match at all. Wearing traditional designs with traditional outfits for grand occasions are highly recommended. For a casual look, Silk Thread Tassels, hoops, and drop earrings are best suited.

Buy The Latest Silk Thread Earrings Designs Online. 

For an enhanced style quotient, a magnificent variety, and to get the most reasonable Silk Thread Earrings prices, you must consider buying these earrings online. Offering extreme versatility and the latest trends, these styles available online will help you stand apart in the crowd. You can spruce up your jewellery collection with stunning drop earrings, long tassels, Jhumkas, and a whole assortment of styles.

You can get the best Silk Thread Earringsonline by selecting the right metal, weight, noise, budget, and comfort that suits you the best. Instead of wasting your precious time and effort scrutinizing designs of earrings in the market, you can browse through Silk Thread Earrings online, make secured payments, and avail of a certificate of authenticity. If they are not as expected, you have the ease to make easy returns and replacements.

Indian jewellery, specifically Silk Thread Earrings go back to ancient history and mythological times, and references of the same have been found in epics, traditions, and scriptures. Today, Sui Dhaga Earrings, as they call it, are an ideal and fascinating accessory that can give a perfect finishing touch to any stylish outfit worn, regardless of the occasion.

What is the starting price for Silk Thread Earrings?

The typical starting price for Silk Thread Earrings is Rs. 81. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 439 Silk Thread Earrings on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Silk Thread Earrings?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Silk Thread Earrings: Silver Jewellery, Gold Studs, Gold Hanging Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Kundan Earrings,

How can I buy Silk Thread Earrings online?

You can browse over 439 options for Silk Thread Earrings online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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