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Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets

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More About Reselling Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets

Shop For Magnificent Kundan Bridal Jewellery Designs Online. Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets is considered an heirloom in many Indian households with a lavish legacy of more than 2,500 years. Brought to India by the Mughals, Kundan bridal jewellery is made when gold is hammered into narrow bands to form the base of the earring. The base is then adorned with glass stones like emerald, ruby, sapphires to make the world-famous Kundan bridal jewellery. Explore our huge range of alluring Kundan bridal jewellery designs online at affordable and exciting prices.

Embrace Your Beauty with the Gorgeous Kundan Bridal Jewellery 

With the wedding season approaching, you need to be ready with your perfect attire and Kundan bridal jewellery. These are trendy and gorgeously manufactured to accentuate your looks for the day. And bridal jewellery is one of the must-haves in your wardrobe. 

So, if you have been thinking about getting one this year, you might check out the impressive collection available at Meesho. You can find different varieties ranging from meenakari jewellery to gemstone ones and select the best one for you.

Amazing Facts About Kundan Bridal Jewellery 

You have been eyeing those elegantly designed meenakari jewellery for quite some time now. But you might be a little sceptical about getting these expensive accessories for your next occasion. 

Well, if you have already chosen one for yourself, you should get it as soon as possible. But before that, here are some exciting facts about such Meenakari jewellery that can leave you spellbound:

Meenakari Jewellery Is Persian Art

Yes, meenakari is a form of Persian art of colouring different metals' surfaces by fusing varied shades of colours. During the early 17th century, this art was introduced by Persian enamellists and brought to Varanasi during the famous Mughal Era. 

Mina happens to be the feminine form of "Minoo." In Persian, this one refers to heaven. 

Therefore, it refers to the azure colour of heaven. That is the sole reason why you get to experience such elegant and dazzling colours and designs when it comes to Meenakari jewellery.

Traces Back to Mughal Era

If you think that such designs are recently available in the market, think again. That is because; Raja Mansingh of Amer, Rajasthan, is considered the first emperor who introduced this art to his kingdom. 

You might get the elegant and chic bridal Kundan jewellery online, but these flourished and crafted under the Mughal patronage. It became so famous all across the country as it came up with a unique concept of reversible jewellery.

Meenakari Jewellery Requires Skilled Craftsmanship

When you eye that brilliantly designed Meenakari jewellery, you must know that these aren't manufactured or crafted so quickly like costume jewellery. Instead, it requires a lot of skilled professionals and hard work.

According to many researchers, it traces back to as far as 500 years ago. And the meenakari artefacts traverses around a similar assembly line of artisans even today. 

The entire process initiates with the designer, then goes to the sonar or goldsmith and the engraver. The engraver is responsible for engraving specific design on the Meenakari jewellery, and finally, the meenakari applies the colour on it.

After these processes are finished, the polisher would be providing the last finishing touch to the jewellery. Following this, the Jadia or stone-setter and the stringer would be pulling the final strings to prepare the finished product for sale.

Meenakari Isn't Only About Jewellery

Another interesting fact about meenakari is that it isn't restricted to Meenakari jewellery only. Instead, you can get various other objects engraved with such artwork in bright colours. 

Next time you want to get a unique set of gifts for your loved ones, you can also look for cupboards, sculptures, idols, dining sets, trays, key chains, and jewellery made with meenakari artwork.

Top Factors to Consider While Purchasing Bridal Kundan Jewellery Online

Are you planning to get bridal jewellery? It is tempting to invest in these handcrafted sets available in the market. But while you shop these designer jewellery sets for your next upcoming occasion, you need to be slightly careful as well.

Therefore, here is a list of a few critical factors that you must consider while you purchase bridal Kundan jewellery online:

Keep a Tab on the Trending Styles

You should never follow fashion trends blindly. Instead, keep a tab on the current trending styles and thereby choose the best ones that can suit your personality. Do your little homework related to the different bridal Kundan jewellery online styles available in the market and get the right one for your occasion.

Check Your Heirloom Collection

You might be tempted to shop online. But why not check out your family heirloom first before you invest your resources? You might never know how you can stumble upon some of the most elegant Kundan pieces that have been in your generations for years now.

Get a Strict Budget

Yes, you would be shopping online, and there are many sorts of jewellery designs available. But keep a strict budget plan for your purchases. Whether it is Kundan or Meenakari jewellery, you need to have a strict budget for the same. 

Remember, it is natural to get tempted by these elegant pieces available online. If you have the right budget, it gets easier to shortlist the best products. 

Type of Occasion

Not all jewelleries are ideal to suit all occasions. Therefore, consider the type of event before you shortlist the jewellery sets. You might want to own it all. But even if it is a dream, is it a feasible plan for you? Also, determining the event can help you get the right design and cut and complement your entire look perfectly. 


Lastly, be careful about the bridal Kundan jewellery brandas you do not want to invest in fake products. While selecting them, make sure to check the reputation of the brand so that you can get appropriate after-sales services as well. 

The entire list of bridal Kundan jewellery online seems to be a never-ending one. Right from Polki to Jadau and meenakari, you can find varied designs, cuts, and handiwork when it comes to traditional jewellery. 

Therefore, sometimes the choices get complicated for customers. But no matter what, make sure to look for the one that highlights your personality and accentuate your look perfectly. Choose wisely and flaunt your style boldly to the world. 

Restore the Traditional Touches While You Select the Best Kundan Bridal Jewellery

Experimenting with the latest designs and styles is quite refreshing for every individual. But when it comes to weddings, it is wise enough to stick to your traditional styles. You get to flaunt your traditional styles that have been in your generations for years. 

And if you plan to get bridal Kundan jewellery online, nothing can be better than the platform of Meesho. You can find exclusive designs at fantastic prices here. 

And you can even personalise the designs to suit your style requirements and choose the best ones that correctly fit the occasion. So, why waste any time anymore when you can get exclusive designer jewellery there? Get online now, and start browsing! 

What is the starting price for Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets?

The typical starting price for Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets is Rs. 130. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 7759 Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets: Black Jewellery Set, Artificial Jewellery, Oxidised Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery, Temple Jewellery Set,

How can I buy Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets online?

You can browse over 7759 options for Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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