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Kundan Jewellery Set

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More About Reselling Kundan Jewellery Set

With a long and rich history going back centuries, Kundan jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery in India. Brides from all over the country love to don lavish Kundan jewellery sets on their wedding day. You can now get gold plated Kundan Jewellery Set in intricate designs on at the most affordable prices. These sets come with heavy necklaces and matching earrings in the latest designs and made with the best quality materials. So check out these trending jewellery sets and pick the ones that suit your taste.

Flaunt Exquisite Kundan Jewellery Sets for a Gorgeous Look

Kundan jewellery is a traditional style of Indian jewellery that can be best described as intricate and fascinating. Thanks to its exotic look and matchless craftsmanship, it has earned its place among the most popular jewellery styles in India. From Bollywood actresses to fashionistas, everyone loves to dress up in the resplendent beauty of Kundan jewellery sets. They are among the most coveted bridal adornments as well.

Owning opulent Kundan jewellery sets is an easy matter now. With Meesho, you can select from the most fabulous designs and styles.

Let’s take a look at how Kundan jewellery can make you shine and sparkle like never before.

The Meaning of Kundan Jewellery

Kundan is a style of jewellery in which gemstones or uncut glass are set against a gold frame highlighting brilliant designs and held together by fine gold foils and molten gold. Elaborate Meenakari work or enamelling is done on the reverse side of such jewellery pieces, which is another distinctive feature of Kundan jewellery. Diamonds, pearls, emeralds, ruby, sapphires, topaz, garnet, jade, etc. are among the gemstones often used to create Kundan jewellery.

The Origin of Kundan Jewellery

As an ancient jewellery form, Kundan traces its origin to the royal courts that once existed in Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. It is believed that this jewellery form dates back to the 3rd century BCE. Kundan jewellery gained much popularity during the rule of the Mughals in India.

Types of Kundan Jewellery Sets

The demand for Kundan jewellery has led artisans to experiment with the looks. Today you can find Kundan jewellery sets in various types, such as:

Kundan Bridal Set

Kundan bridal jewellery sets are designed to adorn a bride on her wedding day. More often than not, they include extravagant and gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and rings. The designs of heavy Kundan bridal sets often carry a royal vibe. You can pair up such sets with embellished traditional sarees or glamorous lehengas.

Gold Kundan Set

Gold Kundan sets attract attention due to the dazzling beauty of yellow gold that holds on its own against the shiny gemstones embossed into the design. Such sets can be found in a variety of designs. You can wear such sets for almost all kinds of big and small occasions, including weddings, receptions, parties, and festive occasions.

Antique Kundan Set

Antique Kundan sets refer to those jewellery sets that are at least 100 years old. The distinguishing feature of such sets is that the gold colour is often of a dark yellowish-brown variety. Such sets are valued for their ethnic look and immaculate craftsmanship. These days many jewellers create Kundan sets using such gold colour to give them an authentic antique look.

Tips to Follow When Wearing Kundan Jewellery Sets

Since Kundan jewellery sets comprise pieces having stunning designs, you need to style up accordingly when adorning them. Here are a few tips to follow:

Match Your Outfit to Your Kundan Jewellery

The beauty of Kundan jewellery lies in the fact that it can go with most traditional Indian outfits. Yet, if you want to create a stir with your look, you can match the colour of your outfit to that of the gemstones in your Kundan jewellery.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the neckline of your dress or outfit. For instance, if you plan to wear a long Kundan necklace with a saree, make sure that your blouse has a short collar to maximize the impact of the neckpiece.

Pay Attention to the Event’s Theme

With changing times, the design of Kundan jewellery is also changing. Now you can get Kundan jewellery sets that are of a contemporary style. Pay attention to the theme of the occasion or event where you plan to wear the jewellery set.

For instance, if you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, you can opt for a Kundan jewellery set with a traditional design to go with your lehenga or saree. But a Kundan set with a contemporary design will be a better match for your Indo-Western ensemble if you are dressing up for a party or a festive occasion.

Pick the Right Accessories

Make sure that you pick the right accessories to go with your Kundan jewellery to complete your look. Your purse and footwear are two such accessories where you must not go wrong.

For instance, you can opt for a beaded clutch or an embellished purse that matches the colour of your jewellery. You can also opt for a neutral shade to tone down the look. When it comes to footwear, pick a pair that is not just comfortable but also gels well with your look.

Latest Variations in Kundan Jewellery Sets

The necklace is the focal point in a Kundan jewellery set. You can find them in various styles, such as a choker, long necklace, closed collar style, etc. Traditionally such styles were embedded with heavy stones. But these days, women prefer lighter pieces. As such, these traditional designs in Kundan jewellery are being crafted in lighter forms to cater to the changing tastes of modern women. This offers them the best of both worlds: traditional Kundan jewellery designs but in lighter forms that they can easily flaunt.

Shop for Kundan Jewellery Sets Online at Affordable Prices

Do you want to shop for beautiful Kundan jewellery sets? Meesho brings you the most attractive Kundan jewellery designs to cater to your fashion sensibilities. Our designs are handpicked to include a wide range of motifs and styles so that you do not run out of options. You can make your pick from Kundan jewellery designs highlighting various gemstone settings as well. Whether you are looking for a royal Kundan set or one with a more modern touch, you are sure to find your match in the collection at Meesho.

Our Kundan sets are affordably priced so that you do not have to face any hesitation while shopping at this online marketplace. So, do not waste any more time. Just start exploring our collection and shopping for your favourite Kundan jewellery designs.

What is the starting price for Kundan Jewellery Set?

The typical starting price for Kundan Jewellery Set is Rs. 130. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 9690 Kundan Jewellery Set on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Kundan Jewellery Set?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Kundan Jewellery Set: Artificial Jewellery, Kundan Bridal Jewellery Sets, Gold Sets, Bridal Jewellery Set, Silver Jewellery Set,

How can I buy Kundan Jewellery Set online?

You can browse over 9690 options for Kundan Jewellery Set online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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