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Garba Dress

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Prepping up for a night of Garba dancing is always exciting. If you happen to find the perfect outfit for the night, even better. There are so many options to look at when it comes to Garba dresses. You can don a traditional Gujarati Ghagra Choli or Chaniya Choli or go for a more contemporary version of these designs. Whatever look you have in mind, you will definitely find the right dress in Meesho’s vast collection of Graba dresses for women.

Navratri Garba Dress

Navratri is a spiritual festival of incessant celebrations for 9 consecutive nights that consists of worship and a lot of dancing as well. Garba and Dandiya are two traditional dance forms that are at their peak and most popular during the festival. The best part of this festival is dressing up in traditional ethnic silhouettes and grabbing attention from all over.

The Main Features Of The Traditional Garba Dress 

Commonly Navratri dress is found and made in Gujarat. The main Garba dress that can be worn for dandiya raas is chaniya choli, Navratri lehenga, and Kediya Gujarati dress.

  • To celebrate Garba, people wear rich, traditional and colourful Gujarati dress. 
  • Men too wear traditional outfits like are kafni pyjamas with a Ghagra kedia - a short round kurta.
  • The latest Garba dress for women includes cotton chaniya choli, Gujarati and gamthi chaniya choli, lehenga, and ghagra choli dress.
  • The Garba dress lehenga is basically of a heavy flair so that it can give a good swirl while playing dandiya. Kediya Dress is basically worn by men for Garba but now it is easily available for both - boys kediya and girls kediya.
  • Traditional Garba dress is in terms of work, pattern, and style. It is basically of a Ghaghra type bottom. 
  • Earlier all the Garba dresses were sold in very few places but nowadays the digital revolution makes Garba dress available online. Many Gujarati’s residing outside India nowadays shop for Garba dress online 
  • Navratri Craze has spread so much that not only Gujarati but most of the Indians now treat Navratri as their favourite festival and they thoroughly enjoy raas Garba with a Gujarati dress.
  • Garba Special chaniya choli seems so attractive that women sometimes re-use them in weddings and other formal functions. 
  • Most of the Garba dress like chaniya choli is embellished with mirror work and made in cotton or soft silk fabric.
  • The Gujarati dress is prepared when 6-7 months are left for Navratri and there is a lot of innovation introduced in Gamthi designs for gamthi chaniya choli – a typical & traditional Gujarati dress.
  • For Garba dress for men, kediya and kediya with jackets are in a fashion.

Navratri Dress And Jewellery

Navratri is one of the most vivacious festivals celebrated in India, calling for a perfectly effervescent dress code! People dress up in innovative and vibrant attires to pay reverence to the Goddess. Traditional and contemporary gopika dress, paired with exquisite jewellery, are adorned for these fun and festive events.

Let us look at the popular Garba dress designs:

Chaniya Choli 

The chaniya choli is the most popular women’s Garba dress for Navratri nights. It comprises a kalidar Lehenga or Chaniya, embellished with cultural decorations like stones, sequins, gota, Bandhani work, kaudis (shell), mirror-work, etc. – and a choli which is a small, crop-top-like blouse.

Traditional Chaniya Choli is normally in cotton material, where the length of the skirt is ankle-length to allow comfort and ease of movement. These typical skirts are light-weight and don’t have a lot of flair so as to make dancing and twirling convenient. The choli or the blouse is a glamorous top that is normally revealing from the back and waist, secured by colorful strings at the backside.

Navratri Garba Dress For Men

The traditional Garba dress for men is Kediya and Dhoti. The Kediya is a frock-style, heavily embellished top and is popularly adorned by men at most traditional and festive events.

The Traditional Ghagra Choli Gopika Dress

It is best to go for a traditional gopika dress as it will be more appropriate like the ghagra choli dress. It is basically a combination of two different pieces of clothing - the choli - a blouse with small mirrors and other embroidery work, and the ghagra - a traditional Indian skirt with a lot of embroidery and mirror work. The gopika dress also comprises of an odhani or a dupatta to wrap around the neck. 

Accessories With Ghagra Choli Garba Dresses

When it comes to accessorizing, it is highly recommended to go for traditional jewellery. 

Jhumkas, which are Indian ethnic earrings consist of a stud around the ear connected with a dome shape. They're easily available everywhere around the country and are one of the most popular kinds of earrings in India. 

Glass or metallic bangles are another appealing piece of jewellery which are preferred by the younger generations. 

Paayal refers to anklets and these go beautifully with a fully ready ethnic getup. 

Navratri Garba dress online is exceptional with heavy artistic embellishment or embroidery that makes the Garba dress look exceptionally royal and palatial. 

Dress Up In Stylish Gujarati Dresses

The fabulous Indian ensembles, vintage jewellery, and effervescent accessories are on full display during any Navratri function and gathering. You must look your radiant best at these events. To get the best look during Navratri with your Garba dress, here are some dazzling tips. 

Amp Up Your Navratri Dress With Flowers In Your Hair 

  • A classic hairstyle with flowers in it, that matches perfectly well with your Garba dress never gets out of fashion. 
  • You can simply add hair extensions to short hair and add a dash of fresh flowers to accentuate the look. 
  • You can braid your hair into a long ponytail and adorn it with jasmine or fresh flowers. You can also tie your hair into a bun and add some marigolds or roses to your hair. 
  • Pull back your hair tightly and secure them with stylish bands or pins.

Silk Pattu Lehenga Garba Dress

You can convert an old silk saree at home into a beautiful lehenga. It could be a Banarasi saree, or inexpensive paper silk sarees, which can be glamorously designed into a silk pattu lehenga to create a stunning look.

You can either make a Pattu out of your saree for your lehenga, a dupatta, or a blouse piece to complete your look.

Colours And Styles Of Garba Dresses

The traditional Garba dress comes in vibrant colours. You can also add Odhani with bandhani, Abhla, or big mirrors and thick Gujarati borders. 

Decorative Embellishments With Your Gujarati Dress

Chaniya Cholis are ornated with stars, mirrors, beads, shells, and embroidery work, mati, etc. Traditionally, women adorn themselves with jhumkas or large earrings, necklaces, payal, bajubandh, kamarbandh, bindi, trendy bangles, and mojiris which are traditional shoes.

The Traditional Garba Dress For Men

Boys and men wear kafni pyjamas with a kedia which is a short round kurta above the knees. They wear a turban on the head with bandhani dupatta, a solid men’s bracelet, and mojiris.

Tips For Purchasing The Appropriate Garba Dress Online

  • You must always prepare in advance keeping your Garba dresses beforehand
  • Practice well on your Garba dance moves to keep in mind the attire that you will be wearing and be ready to gran eyeballs, during these vivacious ceremonies.
  • Don’t go for the over-heavy look, instead choose the natural fabrics which don’t hamper your dance moves and don’t let you sweat while dancing
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Avoid wearing heels, as they can dig in while dancing and make you uncomfortable. Invest in light, fashionable, colourful, flat ballet shoes. 

Buy Gujrati Dresses, Gopika Dresses, And Garba Dresses Online

Garba dress for Navratri which is probably the most fashionable festival in India is one of the most stylish and gorgeous outfits worn by Indians occasionally. Be it lehenga choli, new bangles, new accessories, shopping, and styling for Garba, the right choice of the Gujarati dress along with the right zeal never goes wrong. So get shopping on Meesho today!

What is the starting price for Garba Dress?

The typical starting price for Garba Dress is Rs. 640. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 686 Garba Dress on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Garba Dress?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Garba Dress: Pink Bridal Lehenga, Bridal Maroon Lehengas, Red Bridal Lehengas, Ruffle Lehenga Choli, Organza Lehenga,

How can I buy Garba Dress online?

You can browse over 686 options for Garba Dress online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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