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More About Reselling Printed Blouses

A printed blouse design is something every Indian woman must have in her closet. It’s that item of clothing that can be mixed and matched and worn with multiple sarees and lehengas. Printed blouses are something we know for sure won’t get outdated anytime soon.

Shop For Printed Blouse Designs Online At Exciting Prices

If you’re confused about what to wear, just pull out that printed blouse and pair it with your favorite saree, and you’re good to go. Printed blouses look magnificent with any colors and almost everyone can pull it off with ease. No matter what the occasion is, there is a printed blouse for it.

Popular Indian Printed blouses Design 

Modern Indian prints are derived from intricate local hand-crafted methods belonging to different parts of the world. These art forms have been passed down the generations for hundreds of years. These varieties of designs with exquisite craftsmanship are unique and expensive. Thus all these designs have found a cheaper alternative through printing. Below are some famous Indian techniques that make wonderful printed blouse designs as well.


The Bandhani print is one of the most popular blouse prints in India. We find its roots in Rajasthan and Gujrat from the times of The Indus Valley Civilization. The word Bandhani has been derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Bandha’ which means to tie. The cloth is tied in small knots along the lines of a design. It usually features waves, stripes, dots, or squares. The thread that ties these knots is kept continuous, forming an interesting pattern. The cloth is then soaked in dyed water. After drying the thread, it is plucked out, leaving white patterns that form the popular designs.


Batik is an ancient tie and dye technique. Traces of Batik work have been found in Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. But now the art form is mostly found in Indonesia. The word Batik comes from ‘amba’ which means to write and ‘titik’ which means dot. Batik printing uses wax instead of tying the cloth. The design is ‘painted’ with wax. It is then crushed and soaked in dye. Once the fabric is dried and the wax removed, striking patterns emerge. The design and colour-filled cracks of the wax are left white against the bright dye colour. Batik prints usually use earthy palettes and floral motifs. 

Kalamkari Printed Blouses

Kalamkari is a Persian term that means ‘the art of drawing with a pen’. In ancient times, groups of artists and storytellers would move from place to place and draw out scenes from Hindu mythology. Kalamkari is also famous for the use of natural colours made from botanical extracts. The art form has expanded in modern times to freehand abstract drawings and minute floral and animal prints. Kalamkari is a time-consuming process and takes an artist months to complete. It is one of the most inspiring prints on fabrics and worth its value. 


Ikat is one of the oldest techniques of textile prints. Original Ikat is more of a dyeing technique like Bandhani and Batik. The yarns of this cloth are dyed before weaving the fabric. The process involves resist dyeing on the yarns to create exciting patterns on cloth. A weft or warp is used to weave the pattern. If both the warp and weft are dyed, it makes a double Ikat. Yarns are bound together with a tight wrap and dyed to create the desired pattern. An extraordinary characteristic of Ikat is a blurred finish. It requires great skill and craftsmanship to line the threads in a pattern. The less blurry it is, the more expensive Ikat will be. 

Varak gold and silver leaf printing

It is a traditional form of ‘silver painting’. It is a delicate process of embellishment. It involves using varaks made of gold or silver that has been flattened to thin sheets. These fragile soft sheets are used on Indian sweets as well. Ancient times saw these printed on royal tents and flags. It was a symbol of prestige and status. Varak block printing is rare today, but gold and silver leaf printing is still done on rich Chanderi dupattas and sarees.

Bagru print

Some of the best Indian prints have been created by the Chippa community in Rajasthan. The Bagru print is a complicated process of making wash-resistant prints. For over 30 years, talented artisans have worked on this type of printing. Bagru is a natural block printing process that uses botanical dyes and wooden block prints. These prints are simple yet elegant. 

Bagh Print

Another type of block printing, the bagh prints get their name from Bagh in Madhya Pradesh. This technique also uses only natural colours. A cotton or silk cloth is treated with a blend of alum, alizarin, and corroded metal fillings. The designs are produced by the ancestral knowledge of skilled artisans. Once the printing is over, the material is washed in flowing river water many times and dried in the sun to get a subtle sheen.

Gold and silver Khari print

The Rajasthani royals loved the precious gold and silver, and thus all festival and wedding attires were dusted with silver and gold Khari print. In modern times, cheaper metals are brushed on fabrics since gold and silver are expensive. This type of pattern consists of surface embellishment and does not seep into the material. Two blocks are used in this technique, an outer brass block and an inner wooden block that fits into the brass sleeve. This printing technique is used on paper too. 

What to pair with a printed blouse?

A printed blouse can be in a single colour with different shades, dual colours, or multiple colours. The blouse is no longer restricted as a partner to the saree. Here are a few ways to adorn a printed blouse and steal the show!

  • Sarees: The age-old tradition of a printed blouse with a single coloured cotton, chiffon, or silk saree will always be in fashion. A printed blouse also looks good with a sari with a matching border. 
  • Lehengas: Dress your heavy single-coloured, gold, or silver lehengas in a printed blouse to add a little zing to the outfit. Match your dupatta with the lehenga with a contrasting blouse. 
  • Patialas: Try a long printed blouse with Patiala pants and a scarf and be ready to turn heads.

Indo-Western styles

  • Skirts: Wear your long printed blouse with an A-line black skirt or a flowing ghagra-style skirt with a stole around the neck for that smart indo-western theme party night look. 
  • Jeans: The modern fashion world is ready to experiment, so pair your heavily printed blouse as a crop top with your body-hugging jeans and rock the show!
  • Shorts: Waist length printed blouses with denim shorts are a real style statement in these times. 

How To Pick Your Latest Printed Blouses Online?

Printed blouses can change the look of any saree or outfit. These blouses are multi-functional and come in very handy when you want to try and mix-and-match your outfits. Pick your printed blouses for the best prices and innumerable choices. Keep a budget in mind, depending on the occasion or type of blouse you want. Compare printed blouses prices to the market price to understand the authenticity of the prints. 

Another point to keep in mind when shopping for printed blouses is your size. Refer to the size chart and pick the right size for a perfect fit. If your blouse doesn’t fit well, it ruins the whole look.

Buy Printed Blouse Designs Online from Meesho Today!

Armed with this detailed article on printed blouses, it’s time to go online and choose the perfect trendy printed blouse for yourself and jazz up that wardrobe! Shop smart from India’s favorite online store Meesho and avail exciting prices and discounts, just for you! 

What is the starting price for Printed Blouses?

The typical starting price for Printed Blouses is Rs. 197. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 635 Printed Blouses on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Printed Blouses?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Printed Blouses: Black Blouse, Multicolor Blouses, Velvet Blouse, Long Blouse, Embroidered Blouses,

How can I buy Printed Blouses online?

You can browse over 635 options for Printed Blouses online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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