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Why is it important to share?

Sharing product catalogs with your friends and family is the single-most important step to start your Reselling business.   Why?   Because people buy products when they see them. It’s pretty similar to offline shopping - you like something only when the store owner shows you multiple products.   So, share products on WhatsApp and Facebook, regularly. Most of our super entrepreneurs share products at least 2 - 3 times a day.   So go ahead and try! You’ll definitely find your customers.   Whom should I Share with?   Start with friends and family because they always support you when you start something new.   Initially, you can share with them individually. But as you feel comfortable, you can create a group where you can share with everyone at once.   So don’t think much, go ahead and start sharing!  
Conclusion, always remember, sharing catalogs regularly is the key to making profits and growing your business.   All you need to do is set & follow a routine every day. It is that simple!   Happy Sharing!