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How to find out what to share?

Once you know how to share catalogs, next is to know what exactly you must share with your customers.   Successful entrepreneurs have mastered this skill by understanding their customers better and sharing catalogs at least 2-3 times a day.   Here are a few tips to understand What to Share:  

  1. “Collections” for the specific Let’s say your customer is looking for a wedding wear that is both affordable and fashionable. (Mostly because she wants to wear a new dress every time.) You can share the products from “Collections” category. The products listed here are tried & tested and have worked well with thousands of customers. Moreover, if it’s a wedding wear or any other specific request, the prices are competitive and the variety is huge!
  2. “For You” for the trendy These customers will indulge in the variety of products from the “For You” section. Our team of experts invests hours every day to update this section with the latest trends in the market. Your customers will never miss what’s new.

  The given information will further help you to filter products and figure out, which product to share with which customer:  

  1. Product Description The description will help you review the specifications requested by each customer.
  2. Product Review Go through the reviews and ensure that you share only those products that have good reviews and high ratings.

Product Price Some customers are willing to pay a lot for great quality while others settle for less. So, share the product price accordingly.