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Freshly Chilli Powder
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Tasty Chilli Powder
    Freshly Chilli Powder



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    Name : Freshly Chilli Powder

    Capacity : 400-500gm

    Maximum Shelf Life : 12 Months

    Multipack : 1

    Chilli powder for use in regular curries, fried curries and snacks. Exotic Kashmiri Mirch is a special blend of medium hot quality Red Pepper that is used for Tandoori (Clay oven) preparations. When used in curry it imparts bright red colour making food more appealing and palatable. Chilli Powder usually blended with curries, dals, meats, poultry, sprinkled on raw mangoes along with table salt. Used as needed to make dishes spicy.Taste Enhance, Rich color Kashmiri Mirch lends the much needed natural red colour to your dish and it has moderate hot taste.

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