Whistleblower Policy

Meesho encourages its employees and partners such as suppliers, service providers, users and anyone having any connection with Meesho, who have reasonable suspicions of misconduct to report such concerns without fear of punishment. This Policy aims to set forth the means to express concerns relating to, but without limitation, violations of law and Meesho’s policies.

Stakeholders can make disclosures by a written communication in good faith in relation to information that is indicative of unethical or improper activity. It is important to bear in mind that such disclosures cannot be personal or speculative in nature and should be based on facts. Such activities may include abuse of power/authority, breach of contract, manipulation of company data including financial data, fraud, violation of law, negligence, misappropriation of Meesho’s assets, sexual harassment, breach of Meesho’s policies, breach of IT security, breach of data privacy.

Upon receipt of such disclosures, Meesho will ensure that the whistle blower is not victimized and that the disclosure is kept confidential and is protected in all respects. Meesho will thoroughly investigate the matter while ensuring that an opportunity of being heard is provided to the persons involved. The investigation shall be fair, complete and strictly confidential. Investigations will be carried out by a panel appointed by the CEO. The outcome of the investigation will focus on recommending an appropriate course of action. Disclosures can be made online by addressing a mail to whistleblower@meesho.com or in writing to –

The CFO.
Meesho Inc.
Vaishnavi Signature, 6th Floor, No. 78/9, Outer Ring Road,
Bellandur Village, Varthur Hobli, East Ground Floor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Disclosures must include your name, e-mail ID, contact number and a detailed description of their concern. Lack of these details will prevent an investigation from being undertaken. It is also important that concerns are made in good faith, with the whistleblower reasonable believing that the information is true.

Meesho guarantees that a whistleblower will not be subjected to any kind of discrimination and will not face any retaliation. Meesho will not tolerate any kind of harassment towards whistleblowers and strict action will be taken against any person engaging in such an activity.