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pack of 3 oil dispencer
    pack of 3 oil dispencer



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    Name : pack of 3 oil dispencer

    Material : Plastic

    Product Breadth : 6 Cm

    Product Height : 4 Cm

    Product Length : 10 Cm

    Plastic Oil Dispenser 1000ml (1 Litre), Vinegar Pourer Bottle Container for Olive oil Pourer (PACK of 3)...Clear glass bottle. Beautiful and practical, more safe and reassuring. Soft leather ring, good seal, unique anti-drop oil leakage nozzle with the clear scale . The large bottleneck make it easy to refill the oil without additional funnel and wash easily Convenient Dumping and Cleaning. The type of curving spout design, easy to control the amount of oil. The transparent bottle can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Cooking Oil Dispenser Bottle Spout | Transparent Leakproof Oil Pourer Jar | Oil Drop Container for Easy Pouring Soy Sauce Vinegar Storage for Kitchen. Practical Dispenser - Soft leather ring, good seal, unique anti drop oil leakage nozzle with the clear scale, accurate oil control, the oil vinegar dispenser is easy to control the amount of oil better for your wallet and your health. Multi-Function - Set of cruets is perfect for olive oil and vinegar dispenser, it's also great for sauce, cooking wine, chili oil and other liquids container. Making your home a better space with the beautiful, practical bottles. Package Contents : Pack of 3, Oil Dispenser 1000 ml, Clear. Classic and elegant restaurant look and feel, the oil and vinegar dispenser allows for easy controlled pouring and minimal over spilling.

    Country of Origin : India

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