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Check out our brand new selection of Tie Suits and pick your favorites. We have a plethora of options for every price range. Start browsing through our collection and upgrade your lifestyle now.

Buy Tie Suits For Men at Meesho!

Oscar Wilde once said that a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life, and he was right. Nothing lends that touch of gentlemanly class to a man's attire quite like a tie. A good tie suit in solid colours is what sets the men apart from the boys. So gentlemen, please take notes and start investing in a good, solid tie suit for your wardrobe, for it shall take you a long way in life. 

The Best Tie Suits for Your Wardrobe

A tie suit is one that comes in a single colour. The best material for solid ties is satin, which gives the tie a soft and glossy look. This lends that extra spark to your business attire which helps you stand out even in a room full of suits.

How Can You Pair Your Tie Suit?

Ties are surprisingly versatile and can be paired in several ways as long as you follow a few general rules of gentlemanly dressing:

  • Your bow tie suit should always be darker than your shirt. Remember that your tie is like the cherry on top of your cake - it needs to stand out. And this is possible only if you pick a shade for your tie that is darker than your suit.
  • Make sure you match the width of your tie with that of your suit. So if you prefer a slim-fitting suit, your tie should also be slim and vice versa.
  • Make sure that the material of your suit and tie compliments that of your suit. Heavy business suits are best paired with silk ties, and lighter, casual suits, or the sort you wear at weddings, go well with linen ties. Don't sweat, though, if you don't have a silk or a linen tie to match your suit - simply pick up a satin tie as you can pair them with most kinds of suits. 

Shop for Exclusive Tie Suits on Meesho

Meesho is an online shopping platform with the widest collection of tie suits in the best quality material such as satin. You can shop solid ties men on Meesho without a worry or a hassle - Meesho is a secure platform with a quick check-out procedure. So go ahead, pick up that solid tie, add that dash of style to your business suit, and watch the world become your oyster.