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Tie And Dye Dresses

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Redefine Vibrance With Lively Tie and Dye Dresses

Tie and dye dresses have an allure that isn't easy to ignore. The colourful, vibrant look comes from a unique method used to create a tie-dye fabric from which clothing of desired designs can be stitched.

This season, immerse yourself in the varicoloured patterns of tie and dye dresses with Meesho's exclusive collection.

A Lesson in Tie-Dye History

Talking about the earliest written records of tie-dye technique, you would have to travel back into the 6th century towards the Far East. Even in India during the time as early as 5000 BC, women were seen sporting "Baandhni" - the Hindi term used for tie-dye.

Needless to say, while these fabrics have been around since the inception of civilization itself, they never really went out of style. In the mid-20th century, tie-dye became a highly coveted print with the hippies - that's when the trend truly caught on.

Today, tie-dye is loved and worn by all, be it men or women.

The Technique

The enrapturing, psychedelic patterns on tie and dye dresses are achieved in a three-step process. The first step constitutes of using sturdy, strong threads to bunch up and tie the fabric in multiple places tightly. You wouldn't believe it, but there is a certain logic in the bunching and tying process, as this is what defines what the output patterns would be like.

In the next step, the fabric bundle is dipped into various dyes (natural or man-made) to impart colour to them. In the places where the fabric is tied up, the dyes cannot penetrate; this helps to create designs in the tie and dye dresses.

The last step consists of letting the dye dry up and stick to the cloth properly. Once this is done, the strings are opened up to reveal a captivating, colourful fabric ready to be turned into any fashion clothing.

The Tie-Dye Family

Across the globe, different practices of tie-dye prevail for creating dazzlingly bright patterns on fabric:

  • Bandhej/Baandhni - This is the Indian style predominantly found in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It consists of tying up tiny portions of the fabric to create diamond-shaped patterns.
  • Triton - In this tie-dye style, a running stitch is first made in the portion to be designed and then dyed. Stitches are removed later to reveal the design.
  • Ikat - Primarily practiced in Indonesia, Ikat consists of tie-dyeing the yarn first before turning it into a fabric.
  • Shibori - A technique that originated in Japan, this tie-dye consists of tying the fabric onto various objects (wood, bamboo and others) with a string and then dipping it in the dye. It creates lovely overall patterns.
  • Mudmee - A Thai style, Mudmee is a pattern made by randomly tying the fabric and dyeing it in dark colours.
  • Lahariya - This popular print is another one from India; it is a tying method that results in wavy patterns.
  • Adire - An extremely attractive tie and dye technique from Nigeria, mostly done on indigo-coloured fabrics. It results in striped/pinstriped patterns with high contrast.
  • Zha-Ran - This is a Chinese tie-dye method that creates intricate patterns and requires fine workmanship.

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